“Skins” recap (4.04): Katie F–king Fitch and Who the F–k Are You?


Katie: Emily!
Emily: Whatever, stay here. But don’t expect me to care because I don’t.
Katie: It’s just for a couple of days while we get out ourselves out of this pickle.
Emily: Stay out of my way. This is my house. I live here with my girlfriend. And we’re having a barbecue.

Emily grabs Naomi — just, like, behind the neck with one hand and by the bicep with the other — and kisses her so ferociously and possessively, and Naomi’s body language here is just so, so sad, because she’s embarrassed for them both, and she also feels kind of used, and then there’s the thing about how Emily always meant something deep and abiding when she kissed Naomi, even from the very beginning, and now it’s just this sham. Naomi kind of half wipes her mouth and refuses to meet Katie’s eyes.

Outside, Emily is off her nut, asking everyone for more pills and more alcohol. Katie’s like, "Don’t you think you’ve had enough." And Emily’s like, "Don’t think; makes life much easier," which is like the antithesis of who Emily is when she’s not caged like this. She asks Naomi for some of her "special powder," laments the fact that Cook can’t be there to supply her with more, and then stumbles away.

"Another fun day at Mrs. and Mrs. Campbell’s," Naomi says. But I kind of think if they’re going to settle for one last name, they should go with Fitch. As Jenna and Rob have proven, it’s much easier to craft into a product name or slogan.

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