“Skins” recap (4.04): Katie F–king Fitch and Who the F–k Are You?

Remember last year when Emily finally came clean and told everyone that she kissed Naomi, not the other way around. And later that night she thanked Naomi for keeping her secret for so long. Naomi said, "I don’t care what your sister thinks." And Emily said, "Yeah, but I do; so thanks."

Don’t tell me that now. Don’t tell me Naomi doesn’t care what Katie thinks because she’s serving her and her mum Garibaldi on a plate for breakfast, and it’s funny and it’s nice continuity, but its says everything about Naomi.

I mean, aside from just good English manners, she’s made them tea and now she’s serving them biscuits for breakfast. She didn’t let them go hungry. She didn’t tell them if they wanted something they should check the cabinets. She didn’t chuck a pack of biscuits at them. She took them out of the package and lined them up on a plate because that’s what adults do, it’s how they fix things.

When I was a kid, my parents told me they were getting divorced and my solution was to cut a piece of sandwich cheese into squares and arrange it on a plate with some pickle slices and serve it to them like they’d forgotten how to be civilized human beings. Like maybe you’re getting divorced because you didn’t remember that you’re grown-ups. Here, have some delicious hors d’oeuvres and let’s talk this thing through while I pour you some Kool-Aid.

That’s what Naomi reminds me of here. She just wants to fix something.

Jenna launches into a speech about how everyone lets you down eventually, and then she falls asleep, and she and Katie wake up to the sound of Emily shouting in the kitchen.

Emily: I can’t believe after all the s–t she put us through you’re just going to let her march into our home.
Naomi: She’s your mum.
Emily: She’s a selfish cow, is what she is.

Our home, she said. Ours. And her heart is still there, in that place where this really is their home, but she is a wounded animal in this episode. Inconsolable. Lashing out in every direction because she still doesn’t have a handle on what, if anything, she’s lost. She doesn’t know how deep her pain goes. Or who can fix it. Or if it can even be fixed.

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