“Skins” recap (4.04): Katie F–king Fitch and Who the F–k Are You?

Hydrated? Rested? Ready?

So, Katie has taken her family to Naomi’s house, and for all we know the last communication they had was the fisticuffs at last year’s Love Ball.

Katie: Good morning, Naomi. You’re looking sexy — ever heard of a shower?
Naomi: What do you want?
Katie: This is difficult, OK? We’ve lost our house.
Naomi: Well, that was careless.

This is such classic Katie and Naomi. ("Watch out, Katie. I might get confused and f–k you with my great big strap-on by mistake.") In about five minutes, Katie is going to defend Naomi to her mum, and tell her she hasn’t ever done anything wrong, and really the only thing Naomi is guilty of (as far as Katie knows) is that she usurped Katie’s place in Emily’s affections. Right, because Katie has never not had a boyfriend since she was seven. And Emily never had a boyfriend. A sister is an automatic and eternal teammate, someone who’ll take your side forever and stand between you and the rest of the world, and learning to share that comfort and promise with someone else? It’s not so easy actually.

Man, Lily Loveless‘ eyes. The stories they tell. Like this:

Katie: We need a place to stay. Your house looks pretty empty at the moment.
Naomi: You’re having a f–king laugh.
Katie: Yes, Naomi. I’m kidding that my parents have no money, no house, and are about to split up.
Naomi: I’m sorry, but it’s not my problem.
Katie: Oh, but it is. Because it’s Emily’s problem. She’s your girlfriend. That makes it your problem.

Naomi’s thing has always been running. Just walking out and getting so far away from anything that makes her feel out of control — like we talked about last week. Last year she left Emily in the cafeteria, in the hallway, in her bed, on a blanket by the lake. Again and again and again she bolted, until one day she just slammed Emily up against the lockers and pressed their lips together and ripped open her heart and bled all over the place about how she simply could not handle the way Emily made her feel.

She said to Cook, last week, that she was broken and all she could do was feel it — which is the greatest sacrifice Naomi could ever make, just standing still and feeling it, feeling everything. Not running. Not hiding. Palms outstretched in front of Emily, willing to do nothing and everything to win her back, including stepping aside and letting the entire Fitch family into her house. She makes the decision in the breathe of a moment.

"No lesbian digs?" Naomi asks.

"That," Katie says, "I can’t promise."

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