“Skins” boss Jamie Brittain talks generation three, Katie Fitch action figures, and why he loves Naomily

AE: So what can you tell me about Skins generation three? Tell me James Fitch is involved.
He isn’t yet, but I am determined to find a way! I’m making it my mission to get him back!

AE: Godspeed, Jamie Brittain! Make that happen! Is Karen involved?
JB: No. There are no returning characters. It’s completely new.

AE: Oh, that’s exciting! Is it still set at Roundview?
JB: Still Roundview, still Bristol. David Blood and Doug are back, actually.

AE: Wow, David Blood seems to really hate teenagers!
JB: Yeah. I love him though. Chris Addison is a genius, and great fun.

AE: Got anymore lesbian characters to take over the world?
I’m afraid, Heather, that you’re going to have to wait and see!

AE: Aww, come on, Jamie Brittain! Aren’t you going to give me a little sccop?
Hmm. OK. One of the characters in the next generation is very much in the tradition of Skins portrayal of sexuality, but you wont quite know what or who she is for quite a while.

AE: Oh, man. That sounds so exciting.
Yeah, it’s pretty cool.

AE: No, I’m serious. I just got giddy. So where are you in your shooting schedule?
JB: We’re shooting episodes two and three. We’re about to start week three of shooting those episodes.

AE: Do you know yet when they’ll air?
JB: January and February of next year — a long way to go, I’m afraid.

AE: That’s OK! The foreplay is half the fun!
JB: Yep!

AE: That actually reminds me, why didn’t Naomi have her own episode in series four?
JB: We always intended the last episode of series 4 to be Naomi’s, but it didn’t quite work out how we wanted. We messed that up a bit — but I think you’ll agree that we did her story justice.

AE: Yes. You know I agree. You’ve read my recap. Lily Loveless was unbelievable in that final episode. She was kind of magical.
Yeah, wasn’t she? I loved that.

AE: So did you always want to be a writer?
Yeah. I never thought I’d write for telly, but it’s always been the only thing I’m good at. I think that once Skins is done, I’ll might write an out and out comedy, like a sitcom maybe.

AE: And would this sitcom star Megan Prescott? And would it be called I’m Katie F–king Fitch?
Honestly, if Roni, John, Meg, Kat and Red wanted to do it, I’d make the Fitch sitcom. But something tells me they wouldn’t! Either way I’d only produce. Georgia would have to write it. She’s the Fitch god.

AE: Well, at the very least I think you should get on those Katie Fitch action figures. I want her to talk, too, like Woody from Toy Story. Only instead of "Howdy, Partner" she’ll say "I’m doing the f–king Great Northern Run; what does it look like I’m doing!?" and "She dumped you. Again." Also, you know, maybe she’ll be wearing an angel costume.
JB: OK, but first up is is the Cook doll that keeps screaming ‘I’m Coooook! I’m Cooook!’ until you beat it to death with a baseball bat.

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