Sia’s Coming Out

"He’s such a partier, I’m terrified I’m going to be
revisiting some old habits," Sia said. "But my music is slow — it’s
easy listening and whatever. Sean is an entertainer; he will strip for the
people. He’s really engaging and charismatic. I’ve got the fancy costumes and
black lighting and s— so we just try to make it a good live show with a
Capital S!"

Having recently moved from Los Angeles
to New York City,
Sia soon will be leaving her new home to tour, which she says will make her a
little homesick.

"It’s f—ing amazing," she said of her new city. "I live in
Soho. I thought I lived in Chinatown, but
people kept telling me I live in Soho. They
made me Google it and then I realized I am — I’m in Soho,
and I’ve got a really nice pad! I used all my money from the advance for this
record, and it’s really amazing."

Because she hails from Australia, friends warned her she
wouldn’t take the East Coast winter too well, so she packed up her dogs and
headed back to Los Angeles a few weeks ago — but she didn’t stay long.

"I missed my love interest too much, so I came back,"
she said.

As someone who is so open about herself and her life, Sia
said she is having trouble being so discreet about her exciting new

"I’m trying to be respectful," she said. "I’ve
never really dated anyone who was really private. I’m used to being really open
about all my relationships, but I know that for her it’s an issue."

Later on in our conversation while Sia is describing her coming-out
process, she busts out singing: "I’m coming out! Bum, bum!" She adds,
"It’s fun — it’s like a whole new sort of subject to study now."

Welcome to the lesbian library, Sia. Here’s your membership

For more on Sia and
her tour dates, visit her MySpace page


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