Sia’s Coming Out

As she put it, "I’m a rainbow addict!" But the
rainbow on her face was a spur-of-the-moment idea she had at her photo shoot.

"I brought a bunch of different props and things like
that," she said. "I started singing and I was like, ‘I know! I’ll put
a rainbow on my face.’ And it’s funny because this was years ago, way before I
got lezzie."

You might recognize Sia’s face if you frequent Starbucks — her
latest record deal is with Hear Music, which promotes their music in the chain
of coffee shops.

"I went in [to a Starbucks] and it was so funny and I
was like [giggling] when the man was like, ‘Name,’ and I was like, ‘Um, Sia,’
thinking he would look at the cover and then think it was really cool — but he
acted like he had never seen it before, like he never looked at the cover or
like he didn’t give two s—s about what he was selling," Sia said. "I
guess I look totally unrecognizable in real life."

Her past relationships with record labels have been somewhat
tumultuous, so this time around, Sia isn’t so involved with the business
aspects of record promotion.

"I’ve had some ups and downs and flops a lot of times,
and it all feels like it’s running like clockwork for the first time," she
said. "I’m kept in the dark a lot, which is how I prefer it. I’ve got
these amazing managers who just let me get on with writing and singing and
dancing and being silly and making little movies and silly blogs and things
like that and making videos.

"I think that if they keep me in the dark and not
really included in the ups and downs of the business that I’m more productive.
And so … I guess all I know is the management have been really pleased with
Hear Music. … I don’t even know what happened, but I know we did
some crazy-ass nontraditional kind of deal that was supposed to be amazing,
though I don’t really know what the details are."

Much of Sia’s recent success has come from the licensing of
her music to movies and television. "Breathe Me" was famously featured
in the finale of HBO’s Six Feet Under
and also played on the Victoria Secret’s fashion show in 2006.

"I don’t really make money from selling records, and so
I hope that people keep using my stuff in their TV shows because that’s the
only way I’ve really made a living is through publishing," Sia said. So
far, songs from the new album have been featured on Private Practice and Grey’s
, which Sia said she’s excited about since she likes both of the

"I’m a TV addict," she said. "And Rock of Love — that show! Oh my God. And
like Tila Tequila? That s— is crazy. She’s a new star in the lezzie world,

A fan of American pop culture, Sia sounds like she could be
your best friend. If she becomes a big enough star that Us Weekly decides to stalk her, she’ll be regularly featured in their
section Celebrities: Just Like Us! She’s into reality television, eBay and
meeting girlfriends on MySpace.

She’s also a dog lover and owns a three-legged mutt ("like
a Benji dog but really small") and another she describes as "a
pit-Chihuahua bulldog type that’s about 20 pounds." Although she can’t
bring her dogs on tour with her this winter, she is bringing pal, Har Mar
Superstar (Sean Tillmann), who is known for his crazy onstage antics.

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