Shunda K talks changing her tune, her relationship with religion and being “The Most Wanted”

AE: Yeah, just like your first single, “Here I Am to Save the World,” it’s awesome. It’s already been remixed and it’s a hot track. It references the end of the world in 2012 – so if you had to create a bucketlist of things to do before then, what would be on it? I mean, besides being in the WNBA.

SK: I just want to tell as many people about the love of God as I can and I want to get married to my wife. I want a beach wedding. I have this song I did, called “You Are” that I did with this artist Kotchy. I talk about how I want to carry her through the door. I’ve been working on my muscles trying to pick her up you know (to her girlfriend in the background), “No you’re not fat baby, I just need to work on my muscles.” I want to walk down the aisle and get married on a beach in Cali. So I hope we can get that issue resolved. Love is love.

AE: I’d really like to know, what do you think it’ll take to get more respected female MCs out there on the mic?

SK: The first thing they need to do is respect themselves. Like, the song, “I’m The Best” is pretty much dedicated to women and telling them they don’t have to sell their souls in order to have a career in the music industry – you just have to work hard. I mean, when I say work hard, I mean you might not be able to take a couple showers a day – and for a typical woman that’s hard. To be on the road all the time, you don’t have all the luxuries – so a lot of women fall short in that aspect.

Now lyrically, I just think everybody needs to stop talking about hopping on everyone’s (private parts) – or you’ve got some (dude) wrapped around your finger. There’s other stuff to talk about. What about all these kids? How about some songs about how we can make the world a better place? We’re the women so we are the nurturers, we can’t just sit back and keep contributing to the bulls–t.

Right now the only person that’s really in the mainstream is Nicki Minaj and a lot of the time I have no clue what the hell she’s talking about. It’s like just all a gimmick. When I first saw who she was – was on a YouTube video where she was talking about how she was (having oral sex with) Remy Ma. She was all studded out! Just like, “Yeah I ate the box, I ate the box!” and now I see her, she got her ass done and her t–s. I was talking to my baby girl and was like, “Is that really her? Is she hiding who she really is? Or is she just doing this for the fame?” She’s got this song about being a dyke but in the video she’s with a man. So she’s feeding the kids some confusion, like do you even know who you are?

AE: Well and she denies it now. She denies even being bisexual.

SK: Right because that’s what her camp told her. From my understanding she was working with Lil Wayne‘s camp for a long time so she said, “Yeah I just did whatever Lil Wayne told me to do and he said I would be here if I did it his way,” and yeah! Sell your soul! But with me, I’m not doing all that.

The Most Wanted is now available from Fanatic Records.

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