SAG Awards are short, sweet – so we hand out our own supplemental honors


The cast of Boardwalk Empire won best drama ensemble while Modern Family took home best comedy ensemble. Both shows, by the way, have prominent gay storylines. Think about that when you’re considering whether to add gay characters to you TV shows or not, Hollywood.

For movies, Christian Bale picked up best supporting actor and co-star Melissa Leo snagged best supporting actress for The Fighter. Bale’s win also provided what I thought for a split-second was another Kanye moment as someone wandered on stage during his acceptance speech. Luckily it was just Bale’s real-life counterpart from the film, Dickie Eklund. And, yes, he let Christian finish.

Colin Firth continued his winning streak as the most charming man in the room, taking home best actor for The King’s Speech. Meanwhile Natalie Portman edged ahead of Annette Bening in the best actress Oscars Deathmatch by picking up the SAG Award. But who cares about that — how did Natalie and her Black Swan co-star Mila “Sweet Lips” Kunis look together? Nice, very nice.

The night’s biggest winner was The King’s Speech, which took home best film ensemble. I was a tad disappointed that Helena Bonham Carter didn’t show up wearing something kookier, but perhaps she is saving it up for the Oscars. Also, there was nothing gay at all about that film. Though, British accents sometimes confuse my gaydar – so, um, there’s that.

And those were all the awards. Since there were so few handed out, let’s hand out some more of our own.

Best Looking Kiddie Table

The cast of Glee.

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