Ruby Rose stirs up some heat down under

Her personal style mixes punk with glam, and a sophisticated rock edge. She
continues to model and also DJs at clubs. On her own time, she’s more into
music from "the ’80s and ’90s" like Metallica and Guns and Roses, but
also likes fellow Australian Sia, Madonna, Everything But the Girl and Massive

Rose has been out since age 12, and she’s said she’s received tremendous
amounts of support from fans since being in the public eye.

"It has been a beautiful experience. I receive beautiful letters and
MySpace comments from amazing fans," said Rose.

Rose has a very public persona, keeping her personal MySpace public and up to
date with pictures of her doing interviews and out at events. She lists some of
her favorite films as Girl Interrupted,
and Gremlins but she says her
favorite lesbian movie is Wild Things.

"It’s not a lesbian movie but it’s, well, great!" she told us. "I
hated My Summer of Love. My friend swore it
was the best movie ever and I fell asleep watching it."

While on the topic of gay women, Rose said her favorite celesbians are the
newly initiated Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan,
who she affectionately refers to as "Linds."

"I wouldn’t want to choose one and not the other," Rose said. "I
had a crush on Lilo when she was in Mean
. I hung out with Sam she was in Australia and she was a down-to-earth,
sweet girl, and a talented DJ. I think they’re both great."

Rose said she also admires Ellen, not only because she’s a high-profile lesbian
with her own TV show but also because she’s hilarious. On screen and in person,
Rose is a comical personality, who jokes she was "Joan of Arc in a former

Rose reportedly replaced Lyndsey Rodrigues when she left Australian MTV to join
the staff of TRL in the U.S., which
gives Americans hope that her accent could be coming to our airwaves in the

"I love Australia,
I have… some other little tricks up my sleeve," Rose said. "But I
am going to make a trip the the U.S in the next few months. We’ll see what

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