“Rookie Blue” recap (5.4): Break Before I Bend


While the forensics team cleans up the laundry room, Gail complains about being covered in another person’s blood, saying Diaz will have to ask around to find out who Sophie was alone because obviously she needs to change. Diaz puts on his Earnest Voice and tells Gail she did a good job today and Gail, as unable to take a compliment as ever, simply retorts, “Yeah! I know!”

RB 504-5Never change, Gail Peck. Except your clothes. And the whole not-speaking-to-Holly thing.

Nash and Brother Peck make a stellar investigative team and figure out exactly what’s going on re: the gang truce and its abrupt end. I’ll spare you the details, it’s a lot of wibbly wobbly coppy woppy stuff. Oliver sends his team back on the streets, telling them to have each other’s backs, which means someone will definitely not have someone else’s back. My money’s on Gerald.

Speaking of Gerald, Andy is teaching her Rookie about the importance of paperwork and how details are key. And as if the universe decided to help her out with her lesson, the mention of grape juice triggers Andy’s memory and they realize that Marcus might have been with his father at the time of the shooting.

Meanwhile, Chloe is like a cat in heat, scratching up Nick trying to find out what he learned from Dov. When his answers are unacceptable, Chloe sends him back into the battlefield, begging him to actually get through to Dov this time.

Andy asks Marcus’s grandmother where her grandson went and she says she sent him home to get her pills. On the way to the house, Andy tries fruitlessly to get through to Marcus’s cell phone and Duncan wonders why Marcus wouldn’t have just told them in the first place. Andy says that not everyone sees cops as the good guys.

When they get to the house, they learn from Marcus that he was with his father when the shooting happened, and that he even knows who did it: Shay Bishop.

Andy helps Marcus get his grandmother’s pills when an SUV pulls up. She asks the kid if he told anyone that he saw the shooting, and he tells her that he texted his friend because of some bonehead thing Rookie Duncan said to him at the station. Andy tells Marcus to hide and calls for backup, but Duncan just sits in the car, paralyzed by fear.

She calls for real backup but still yells for Duncan to help her. Instead, he just turns off his walkie while Shay Bishop enters the house calling for Marcus. Andy and Shay Bishop get into a stand-off, Andy telling him to put down his gun and Shay insisting he can’t let Marcus talk about what he saw. He shoots at McNally and takes off, but before he can get too far, backup arrives and grabs Shay, no thanks to Duncan, who is still buckled in the squad car like a total Gerald.

Andy is just grateful everything worked out, though, and so is Marcus, who thanks her with a big hug.


When she gets outside, Andy asks Duncan what the hell happened, and he starts lying through his teeth, stammering about getting lost and having a broken walkie. She calls his bluff and turns his walkie back on and storms away, not wanting to listen to his BS anymore.

Gail is making coffee in a mug that is obviously not hers, as it says DAD on it, when Diaz comes in. She tells him that she’s been researching but can’t find anyone who knows who she was; there wasn’t even a missing person’s report. This makes Gail feel lonely and sad for the woman she comforted, but what makes her sadder is that Diaz had come by to tell her that her Sophie didn’t make it. In a final attempt to figure out who this woman was, Gail asks if the woman had any keys on her. If she was doing laundry, she would have had to get back into her apartment. When Diaz says they didn’t find anything on her, Gail decides to go back to the building to check one last time.

Nick, afraid to face Chloe’s wrath once more, decides to flat-out ask Dov what gives. Dov admits that he’s afraid. He watched Chloe die right in front of him, he doesn’t want to do anything to push it. Nick, in his last move as mediator, calls Chloe over and is like, “Chloe, Dov thinks he’s going to kill you if you guys bang. Dov, Chloe might die if you guys DON’T bank. Noooow kiss.” And kiss they do.

Gail finds some keys under the washing machine in the apartment building and a little girl comes wandering in looking for her mother. A thought strikes Gail and she asks, her voice wavering a little, if the little girl’s mother’s name is Sophie. The little girl says no, her mother’s name is Trina, but before the sigh of relief is fully released, she continues and says that HER name is Sophie and asks Gail if she knows where her mother is. Gail’s eyes fill with tears and she squeezes her eyes shut, willing her broken heart to keep it together.

RB 504-7And the award for most human human to ever human goes to…

Gail’s soft spot for children has been the one of the most consistent character traits to ever go across five seasons of any show and it still gets me every time. Right in the feels.

Andy files a report about what happened at Marcus’s house to Oliver, which means Duncan will be suspended pending investigation, and he could lose his badge. Which surely won’t please Uncle Commissioner, but suits me just fine.

Meanwhile, in a dark dark corner outside a dark dark building, Diaz deals in something awfully shady. Which might shed a little light on why he was acting so amped up earlier…

Swarek drives Andy home in silence, and she rails on him for not saying anything encouraging on the ride, saying nothing at all.

RB 504-8I don’t even care who she ends up with, I just need the world to stop making her cry.

Swarek, for once, doesn’t get angry, doesn’t get snarky. He just applauds her for believing that people can be better. This is exactly what she needed to hear—what she needed to see—and she kisses him. He’s her proof, he’s her reason to keep believing that people can be better.

What did you think of “Wanting”? Were you, too, offended by the appearance of a dead body that did not immediately result in a Holly appearance?

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