“Rookie Blue” recap (5.03): Friendly Fire

Meanwhile, at the Black Penny, Gail comes back from the bathroom and uses her supersonic cop hearing to eavesdrop on a conversation. BitchTits tells Holly that Gail is gorgeous, but that their relationship isn’t going to last. Holly is a doctor, Gail is a police officer, and for some reason Ms. High and Mighty over here think that means Holly and Gail are doomed.

RB 503-7“You’re a doctor, she’s a beat cop!” is the new “He’s a human, you’re a mermaid!”

She goes so far as to say that Holly is out of Gail’s league, as if either Holly or Gail were the type to play by society’s stupid, unwritten “rules.” Holly promises no one is going to get hurt, and turns around to find that Gail has heard the whole thing. Gail starts to leave, but Holly goes after her. Gail turns to face her and asks if she agrees, if Holly thinks she’s uneducated. Holly tries to explain that she wasn’t the one who said it, but Gail thinks BitchTits is an idiot and she’s not interested in seeing either of them. Which shouldn’t be a problem, Gail insists, since they were just having fun anyway. So much for no one getting hurt.

RB 503-8Because this sadface, IT HURT.

Gail goes to Fight Night solo and gratefully accepts the first drink she’s handed. Oliver, in all of his adorable glory, asks where her girl is, but Gail is not in the mood to discuss Holly right now. She IS in the mood to drink…until she tastes the wine Oliver gave her. She immediately spits it back into her drink, but Oliver won’t take it back. When Oliver splits off to sit with the other white shirts, Officer Chicken Police (who cleans up nice) comes up to Gail and apologizes for being so competitive earlier. Gail shines her best smile and hands her the backwash wine, claiming there are no hard feelings. ChickP beams back at her, adding more evidence to my “wants to be pecked by Peck” theory.

RB 503-9Her name is Luck and I think she’s up all night to get lucky.

Somewhere in the sea of testosterone that is Fight Night, Wes and Dov have a veiled conversation about Chloe. And then a less veiled one. Which is useless since Chloe already made it clear that she chooses Dov.

Chloe doesn’t have time for their BS though, she’s too busy being the cutest ringside coach a boxer ever had. Nick has decided to take the Rookie’s place, and Chloe has decided that his fighting alter ego would be called Soldier Boy. Her pep talk is essentially telling him not to get hit in his pretty, pretty face.

The fight begins and Gail doesn’t seem all that interested until out of nowhere she yells, “Punch him in the nuts!” It’s probably a good thing she had this to go to after that fight with Holly, instead of, say, a liquor store. Or a hair salon.

Nick is getting his ass kicked and Chloe is telling him that maybe he should throw in the towel because she’s the cutest. But then Nick sees Andy and Swarek walk in together and gets a second wind. Unfortunately, that wind blows him right into a boulder and he gets knocked out.

Andy comes to see a battered Nick, but he doesn’t want her sympathy. Not anymore. She’s worried about him, but I think she realizes that she’s lost her right to tell him so.

RB 503-10I’m kind of over McNally’s boy drama, but I’ll never be over her face.

What did you think of “Heart Breakers, Money Makers”? What do you think the future holds for Gail and Holly?

(I’ll probably put this disclaimer at the end of every recap, but better safe than sorry: please don’t post about anything after episode 5.03, Canadian friends!)

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