“Rookie Blue” recap (5.03): Friendly Fire

Holly’s friends are both doctors, and one of them totally judges Holly for being top in their class but going into forensics. Even though she specializes in boob jobs. Holly helps solve murders, this chick gives rich women D cups. Sorry, BitchTits, I’m no fan of yours.

When BitchTits and Holly’s other friend go to get a fresh round of drinks, Holly asks Gail how she’s handling all this forced social interaction, and Gail swears she’s having fun. A kiss from Holly makes it more fun for everyone.

RB 503-4Specifically, more fun for me.

Holly is glad Gail is enjoying herself, because it’s really important to her that they all get along. Because for some unfathomable reason, she considers BitchTits family. I’m hoping what she really meant was that the other friend was like family and those two are dating so now BitchTits is the in-law she never wanted but has to keep around anyway? All I know is that my best friends don’t openly criticized my chosen line of work, especially not in front of my girlfriend they are meeting for the first time. I know Holly lets everything roll off her back, but she shouldn’t have to put up with that.

To make matters worse, THIS is the magic that was happening before BitchTits came back and interrupted.

RB 503-5Holly’s little smile, though.

When everyone is seated again, Holly prods Gail to tell a story about HER job. Gail gets a little dark and twisty, as she is wont to do, but ends with a classic Gail punchline. Holly laughs (and so do I) but her friends look a little uncomfortable, as I suppose is expected from people meeting the one and only Gail Peck for the first time.

While Gail and Dov were cracking safes and tracing credit card copiers, Andy, Nick and Rookie Gerald went to repossess a list of trinkets from a man who ran an illegal gambling ring. When they get to the man’s house, he’s fighting with his wife and wearing a bathrobe and a house arrest ankle monitor. He seems to be cooperating at first, but then he punches the Rookie square in the face and runs off. Since the genius was wearing a tracking device, they find him pretty quickly at a nearby auto repair shop. At first, his friend covers for him, but when the threat of jail time is thrown around, Robe Guy comes out of hiding, admitting that he ran to the first place he thought would have a tool to help him ditch the ankle bracelet and that his friend is innocent. Andy, Nick, and Rookie arrest him and take him to Swarek for investigation.

After a brief chat with his lawyer, Robe Guy confesses to running the gambling ring, but it all seems a little too easy to Andy, so she has Swarek impersonate his voice to call the lawyer’s number. Robe Guy’s wife answers the phone, desperately pleading for his help, saying that the guy from the shop is holding her hostage until he gets more money. However, after some ace police work (aka showing up at the house), they realize that it was actually the wife holding the shop guy hostage. After arresting her, Andy just so happens to tap on the piano, which conveniently leads them to a helluvalot more dirty money. Cha-ching! 15 Division just won the scavenger hunt.

While all the other officers were playing Repo, Diaz has been setting up for Fight Night. Well, trying to. Things are kind of a disaster. The booze hasn’t shown up yet, and now Gerald the Rookie is talking about bailing on the fight now that he’s gotten a look at the muscle he’s meant to oppose. Getting punched in the face once today was plenty for him, thank you very much. Luckily, Chloe is bouncing around like she wasn’t lying on her death bed with a bullet wound in her neck last time we saw her, ready to help Diaz and keep spirits high.

RB 503-6Does she still have an aneurysm? Can she not drop dead, please?

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