“Rookie Blue” recap (4.13): Glad You Came


Steve tries to convince Nash not to go, knowing full well his efforts would be fruitless. He gives her advice for staying alive, like hide in the back, be a big scaredy cat. He admits to her that he knows he’s wasting his breath, because she’s tough, and he grew up with Gail, so he knows tough.

ROOKIE BLUE 413-4Nash has been boring lately, but she’s still awful pretty.

Speaking of Gail, she’s walking with Chris and their fellow cops and he asks her if she called Holly. She’s clearly taken aback, so he clarifies. He called everyone he cared about, even his fake-baby mama, though he’s lucky enough that most of the people he loves are right here. He urges her to call Holly.

The ATF guys use a tiny robot to find a safe way into the church, and they save Oliver. Oliver tries to warn them about Ford in the balcony, but they soon realize there’s no Ford anywhere to be found. Which is certainly not a good sign.

Sam is experiencing some serious cabin fever and thinks he’s made of titanium, so he tries to leave. Andy protests and he stops and looks her square in the eye. He wants Andy to be happy, and can see she’s happy with Nick, but doesn’t want to see it anymore, so he’s leaving.


She follows him outside, but before she can get her response in, she notices Oliver’s squad car in the parking lot, where it definitely should not be. They realize this means Ford is INSIDE 15 Division and get to work quietly securing the station, even though Sam is unarmed and without a bulletproof vest on.

They shuffle a few people to safety in rooms, and warn a few cops that Ford is on the loose and probably in uniform. Sure enough, an armed Ford shows up and points his gun right at Nick as soon as he’s faced with him. Sam shouts out to Ford to distract him, and gets himself shot right in the gut. Nick springs into action and shoots Ford right back, sending him through an awful lot of glass.

Andy rides with Sam in the ambulance to the hospital and says that he needs to save his breath so she’s going to tell him a story. She tells him of a time he comforted her while she was having a horrible nightmare and that she never felt more loved than she had in that moment. He tells her it’s a nice story, and she tells him that HE’S her story. I was really into the whole giggly Nick/Andy thing, but I don’t think you can beat being someone’s story.

ROOKIE BLUE 413-6Are this many real cops insanely attractive?

Still at the hospital is Dov, who has now been banned from Chloe’s room by her secret husband, who is totally abusing his technical authority, despite the fact that obviously Chloe didn’t find him important enough to mention.

At the precinct, Holly comes running up to Gail, and Gail turns her tear-stained face to her and gives her a big hug, saying that she’s happy to see her. She stays close to Holly and turns to her brother and Chris and introduces them to Holly. Steve smiles knowingly.

Everyone ships them. EVERYONE.


Meanwhile, a very shaken Marlo cleans out her locker, leaving a picture of her and Sam behind, breaking down in tears as she leaves.

Everyone else is at the hospital. Literally. Celery is being cute and helpful with Oliver in the hospital, waking him every hour, as per the doctor’s orders. The rest of 15 Division is in the waiting room, since their injured cop count is now up to three. Holly is even there, holding Gail’s hand, all out in the open.

ROOKIE BLUE 413-8Okay, so this was blink-and-you-missed-it BUT I DON’T BLINK.

The doctor comes out and is eventually convinced to let one person in to see Sam, even though he’s not stable yet. Nick quickly jumps in and says that the one person should be Andy, even though this causes him to make the saddest of the sad faces once she’s gone. And also, the doctor might have been a little quick to let in a not-doctor, because all Andy can do is watch with wide eyes while not-encouraging noises swirl around her.


What did you think of “You Can See The Stars”?

Thank you all for your support and comments over the past few episodes.  I can’t wait to see where they go with the Gail/Holly storyline next season; I have a lot of faith in these writers and actors.  Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until May or June to find out where it goes, but at least that gives us a few months to decide if their ship name is Golly or Gailly.

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