“Rookie Blue” recap (4.12): Someone Someone


Back at the precinct, Gail sees Holly in the hallway and asks her what she’s doing up there. Holly holds up a folder and claims she had to drop off the report, mumbling something about a courier being sick. Gail raises a perfect eyebrow at her and Holly knows her lie isn’t sticking, so she pulls Gail into an empty room. She heard someone was hunting down the officers of 15 and it freaked her right out. Gail tells Holly that she’s not allowed to talk about it but then in the same breath gives her the lowdown on everything.

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Holly gets panicky looking – seriously, the least collected we’ve ever seen her – and tells Gail she’s worried about her and that she doesn’t want her to go back out there. Gail tells her that she has no choice, it’s her job, it’s what she signed up for. Suddenly Holly switches gears and blurts out that the girl last night was no one, she barely knew her, definitely not a “someone someone” and she doesn’t know why she didn’t tell Gail earlier. She smiles nervously, “We tell each other things, right?” She rambles some more about how that’s what she likes about hanging out with Gail and that’s why when she heard what happened she had to come — but Gail interrupts by grabbing Holly, pulling her in and KISSING HER.

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Gail pulls away slightly, keeping her face mere inches from Holly’s, and apologizes – not for kissing her, but for interrupting – saying that she just needed Holly to stop talking. A very stunned Holly whispers, “I won’t say another word” before they lean in AND KISS SOME MORE.

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Now, this next part happened off-screen, but I have to imagine eventually Gail said she had to go and Holly begged her to be safe and they shared one last kiss before Holly said she’d hang back a second before leaving.

When Gail leaves the room, Oliver grabs her and starts telling her a bit about the case. When, seconds later, Holly emerges. He cheerily waves and haphazardly points out that it was Gail’s friend from forensics. Gail doesn’t meet Oliver’s eyes, but shouts THE COURIER WAS SICK before storming off down the hallway.

When they get to their squad car, Oliver starts making broad statements about how life changes and how sometimes you just fall for someone and maybe it’s someone you didn’t expect and how maybe that would require some changes but like he said life changes and that’s totally fine as long as you’re happy. It almost sounded like an adorably awkward supportive dad trying to get his daughter to come out to him.

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Gail fidgets in her seat and is about to unleash a snark-fest when Oliver drops the name Celery and it clicks in Gail’s head that they’re talking about him. She says as much and Oliver asks, “Who did you think we were talking about?” in a way that suggests it’s entirely possible that he was talking about both of their situations the whole time.

The duo get to an apartment building in response to another 911 call, and call Diaz for backup. They get to the hallway and Gail says they should probably wait, since the 911 call had no voice contact, which is tres suspicious, but Oliver convinces her that they have each other’s backs. They draw their guns and open the door to find a man unconscious on the ground. Gail sees a little girl standing with the phone receiver in her hand and puts her gun away and quickly rushes over to her, asking her what her name is. The little girl’s eyes stay wide as she signs her name. Gail, miss full of surprises over here, tells tiny Danielle, in sign language, that the ambulance was on its way and that everything is going to be okay. She gives the girl a hug and my heart absolutely melts.

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Back at 15 Division, a frantic Celery appears, asking Andy where Oliver is, because a sketchy fellow in a van was stalking his house. After Celery describes the man, Andy remembers the potential pedophile, definite creep from last week. Celery identified him, so they got a warrant and set out to find him. They also set out to find Marlo, because based on previous events, it was likely he was really after her.

When Nick gets to Marlo’s house, it has been ransacked, and Sam knows this means Creepster probably found the note Marlo left for her neighbor, saying exactly where she would be. Sam goes to Marlo’s sister’s house to find her there, totally fine and totally unaware that people are getting shot and hunted because of her.

In Marlo’s house, Nick is still clearing all the rooms while he waits for forensics, when he finds Marlo’s A-Team level stalker shrine she made of Creepster. This will not end well for anyone, I’m sure.

Oliver, inexplicably walking alone, is suddenly faced with Creepster and his rifle, which is promptly used to knock him out, because Creepster is mad with rage and will get his revenge or so help him.

Next week on Rookie Blue, Oliver is kidnapped and someone better find him in one piece or ELSE. (And then Holly and Gail can share a celebratory kiss?? Okay, that part is wishful thinking.)

What did you think of Under Fire? Did that Gail/Holly scene make your heart race as fast as mine?

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