Roll Up Your Damn Sleeves: An Interview with LGBT Activist and Fox News Commenter Sally Kohn

AE: Let’s talk about your YouTube videos a little bit. I’m a fan of your “F**k-You Economics” video.
SK: Oh, thank you very much. Wow, you really did your homework!


AE: I’m the dork at I have to.
SK: Fair point, fair point. I think you’ve now seen more of my stuff than my partner has. I just want you to know that, Ali. I’m just letting you know.

AE: It’s not a competition.
SK: No, just making a statement of fact. It’s fine. Go ahead.

AE: Talk to me about what you’re doing with those and what you’d like to achieve with them.
SK: Everybody go watch them and see for yourself! I don’t know. I’d love to give you some very well and deeply thought-out answer, but the truth of the matter is it seems to me everyone I talk to in the sort of Media Realm writ large has no idea what’s coming around the corner. Are we going to be tweeting tomorrow, or are we going to be using retinal scanners to send messages to Planet Phaeton? I don’t know. And I’m new at this, right, so I know the least. To me, there seems to be many platforms to try and get ideas across. And I’m lucky to be involved with some more high-profile platforms. But I think what everybody should realize even if they have no platform whatsoever is what’s great about the Internets is that you can tweet and you can post YouTube videos.


And I will tell you: I can vouch that it’s far more of a meritocracy than you’d think, because my videos don’t always do so well if they stink. [Laughs] And it’s great! For me, even, it’s great to be able to put out ideas without having to get them through an editor at a magazine or something. It’s amazing to be able to have a thought and put it up in a video the minute I want to, regardless of whether any TV stations are covering it.

To me, it’s about both experimentation, which the activist side of me. If you stop experimenting as an activist, I think you stop being effective. And on the media side, it really is about learning and testing and trying and being in multiple media. Which is valuable. And as long as the actual platforms available stay under 100, I think maybe I can stay on top of it.

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