Rock Star: Supernova’s Patrice Pike

That intuitive leap has landed Pike far from her indie Austin roots, smack in the middle of a massive, megawatt Los Angeles production. Confident to the core, Pike isn't one to be shaken by the new game she is playing. “I've been doing this for so long, I'm just great at going out on the road,” she says. “I'd been out on the road for four months [when I got here]; everyone else has been out here for two weeks. So if they can stretch their heads outside of the safe, obvious people they could choose for Supernova … I'm …”

Pike trails off. Even without finishing that sentence, its obvious she knows she brings some unique and proven talent to the table.

And yet, throughout the seven weeks that Rock Star: Supernova has been on the air, Pike has often found herself in the bottom three, facing elimination. Fans of the show haven't found it easy to relate to her assured demeanor on screen, and some have wondered why someone who seems so calm compared to the other contestants is on the show at all. The bisexual indie queen has even been referred to on Rock Star message boards as “the soccer mom.” Though she says she doesn't know anything about what viewers are saying, Pike knows that something vital hasn't yet come through to the television audience.

“I came here focusing on being a great singer,” she says. “The challenge is to step up my performance in terms of being over-the-top. I didn't bring that as much because in my career in the last five years, I've been focusing on songwriting, creating great music in the studio.”

And while Pike has been struggling to show her true colors to a new audience, some of her old fans have been getting worried that she's leaving her roots too far behind.

Pike understands their concern. “The danger of doing something like this when you've been around,” she says, “is that you have hardcore fans, and you've give them an anchor of something that is important, and then you move it. Sometimes they can get upset.” But she insists that Rock Star is a creative challenge for her, and while she cares about her fans, she has done this to grow as a performer.

“I love my fans and I care about their opinion, but the purest fans have stuck with me all these years,” Pike says. “New people come in and some people go away because whatever I was doing at the time wasn't jiving with them, and that's cool. But sitting around and listening to feedback all the time and not having conviction about where you are creatively — your creativity suffers and you're in mass confusion about who you are.”

If there's one thing Patrice Pike doesn't suffer from, it's confusion about who she is.
And there's little doubt that Pike's confidence, talent and pixie-like good looks guarantee her success with the ladies, even without Tommy Lee as wingman. So regardless of what happens with Rock Star: Supernova, Pike is sure she's ready for whatever comes next.

“I'd love to be in Supernova; it would be a crazy ride,” she says. “But if they don't pick me, it doesn't take away from my career, what I've done, what I can do.”

Patrice Pike's new solo album, tentatively titled Beautiful Things, will be released on ZainWayne records within the next few months.

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