“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (5.08): You want I should whack him?


But that’s not the point, the point is it distracted Tasha so Jane could pull her makeshift tourniquet. Tasha screams, but then calls Jane sneaky. It’s actually a really good scene, in character and taut. Oh, season, you continue to delight.


Tasha also realizes Jane was shot too, in the stomach. But Jane reassures her that her vest caught it. Hey, remember when Frankie’s vest caught a bullet but he almost died anyway? Just sayin’.

Compounding the problem is the lack of cell reception in the building and the broken elevator phone. But Jane reassures Tasha that her team will find her soon. And, indeed, they’re on it. They triangulate her position to a six-block radius and leave to search. They see the proverbial Rizzoli Bat Signal in the sky and saddle up.


Luckily, Jane took auto shop while she was in high school – to the surprise of no lesbian. So she knows how to hotwire a Volvo and the elevator phone. She is able to call out to the building security, but of course it’s never simple. The security guy doesn’t know what building she is in, so Jane goes all Rizzilla and tells him to cut the bullshit and just call Boston PD and patch her through to Maura – NOW.

Meanwhile, Maura is sipping tea while listening to The Least Interesting Man in the World – trademark pending. Seriously, I liked Enver Gjokaj in Dollhouse just fine. But he is so milquetoast here. Thankfully, Jane’s call breaks up the tedium. Though Maura ignores it at first – out of politeness and nothing more, of course. But then her cell also rings and she relents.


Bet you would have never forgiven yourself if you let Jane die in an elevator because you were listening to the most boring story ever told by your fake boyfriend, eh, Maura. Once she realizes who it is she springs into action. Prof. Beard does the only useful thing he’s ever done on this show and agrees to drive her so Maura can stay connected to Jane on the phone.

Jane decides to leave Tasha – and her vest – in the elevator to seek help. Good thing this hitman moves at a glacial pace, because otherwise he would have gone to the basement and overridden the elevator doors by now. As is, he’s just getting around to it. And the American workforce used to be the best in the world, pity.


Maura and Tasha chat about feminist heroes while they wait, because even death cannot dampen the accomplishments of the great women of history. Tasha confesses that she wants to become an oncologist so she can save someone else’s mother from cancer. So Maura tells her about Dr. Jane Wright, the pioneering cancer researcher who just so happened to be female and African American. I will confess I had to Google her and now I’m impressed. But Tasha knew who she was right away.

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