“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (5.08): You want I should whack him?


Speaking of things going on this episode, they did it with such a light touch you might not have realized. But Lee Thompson Young’s replacement got introduced this week. She is Idara Victor, who joins the team as new homicide unit crime scene analyst Nina Holiday. In simpler terms, it looks like she is going to be doing all the computer stuff Frost used to do.

First impression, nice vest. Second impression, good idea making her a crime tech instead of a full homicide detective – at least for now. It would be very difficult to inject someone directly into the team and expect the chemistry to stay the same. Third impression, yay it’s another lady. Yep, that’s all I got for now.


In the lab, Maura and her amazing hair discover the same bullet – and a silencer – was used to kill both victims. So it looks like a professional hitman scrubbed them both. But why? I don’t really care, but I sure like to watch Maura as she refuses to guess.


In the office, Jane and Korsak are discussing the case when he hands her a package that has arrived. It’s a present – from the beard. Yes, people, this guy knows his place in this relationship. And he knows the way into Maura’s good graces run only through Jane. But, seriously, when has your “best friend’s” boyfriend ever given you a gift? Let alone an expensive gift. Ever? Never? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Jane sees through it, and realizes Prof. Beard is trying to buy influence. But she plans to keep the signed “Grover Verben” baseball. Um, am I just not dykey enough to know who that is? Or is that an imaginary ballplayer? I’m thinking the latter given Jan Nash’s tweet.


We get some exposition about the start-up and how the wife was a gold-digger and the husband hated her. Cool, never get tired of the gold-digger stereotype about women. *sigh* *head shake* Moving on. Nina helps the team uncover large cash withdrawals the husband made to have his wife whacked.

Jane also gets a chance to meet Nina. I think it went well. Better than her awkward meeting with Prof. Beard at least. She helps them conclude that there was a witness in the alley who saw the wife get shot, so the hitman killed the husband to clean up any loose ends. I don’t really understand this rationale, but I’m just going to go with it because Jane looks hot in her bulletproof vest.


Speaking of that vest, um, what’s the deal? The team goes after HEAVILY ARMED END-OF-DAYS PREPPERS ACTIVELY HIDING FROM AUTHORITY with no vests. But go to an abandoned alley and they’re all suited up? They find a sleeping bag and some homework in an abandoned room off the alley and realize their witness is a kid.

Back in the office the new team gather to discuss the case. Afterward, Korsak tells Jane she is their new homicide hire. She is an ex-Chicago PD officer who transferred into the department looking for a change of scenery. Again, I think it was smart making her a homicide analyst instead of a full detective – for now at least. Jane does, too.


What Jane doesn’t think, apparently, is too much of her new “gift” from Prof. Beard. She has spilled coffee on the ball and signature, and now is begging Mama Rizzoli to fix it. Mind you, she isn’t worried about what Prof. Beard will think. She’s worried about what Maura will think. Oh, show. It can’t even help with The Gay.

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