“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (5.07): How to lose a guy in 10 days

When next Jane sees Maura she has disemboweled the mystery book, much to her chagrin. But it wasn’t a rare book at all, it was a Frankenstein the victim made himself from various parts. Book talk quickly shifts to date talk, as Maura wonders again if she should cancel with Prof. Beard. Jane says no, but with about as much enthusiasm as Mama R’s beige ensemble. Yep, click that counter because that’s Cancellation No. 2.


Maura brings in the superhero literature professor to examine the mystery book. All the while it seems like she is grilling him as a potential beard replacement. Hey, you can’t blame her. She hasn’t even introduced Jane to this new one, and we all know it never hurts to have a backup.

But Frankie deems him unsuitable, because he says Maura can figure out whatever is hidden in the book in half the time he could. And sends this buckaroo packing unceremoniously. Finding the proper beard is a full-on family affair for the Rizzoli clan.


In this season’s continued fuller focus on the supporting cast, Mama R meets Lt. Cavanaugh at the Dirty Robber for the break-up talk. Mama R tells him she got a fortune cookie that said “start over,” so of course she is now changing her whole life. I know, as break-up reasons go this one hurts more than “it’s not you, it’s me.”

But Mama R explains her rational (a little) bit better saying her whole life she had a man supporting her and now it is time to be like her daughter and find a woman. Wait, sorry, I totally misheard that. She wants to get to know who she is alone. Wait, maybe I didn’t mishear that–it’s just the woman she is looking for is herself. Lt. Cavanaugh is incredibly sweet and kind, considering his girlfriend just dumped him because of advice found inside a complimentary baked good that comes with your moo shu pork.


Jane and Korsak are watching one of their new suspects who has lawyered up. When the attorney walks in Jane recognizes him as Paddy Doyle’s attorney. So, looks like someone is taking a road trip. She goes up to see Paddy to ask about their new suspect. Hey, so you think Jane can visit just any prison. Because Massachusetts isn’t that far form New York. I’m sure we could find some sort of reason for her to visit the Litchfield Correctional Facility.

Her visit with Paddy becomes a de facto family therapy session as he asks about Maura because everyone knows Jane is the gatekeeper to everything about Maura. He helps Jane with some information about the suspect, and then asks for a favor in return. Quid pro quo. If it involves fava beans and a nice chianti say no, Jane.


Back at Boston PD, Maura runs into Frankie talking about Jane’s return time. This automatically dings Maura’s GFFR, and she says barely hiding the panic in her voice, “Jane’s gone? W-w-when will she be back?” Easy now, it’ll be OK. Remember when you went to that nerd conference for three days? You two can do this.

Frankie lets spill that Jane went to the penitentiary and Maura automatically knows that means Paddy. She tries to play it off like NBD LOL, but her twitching jaw muscle gives her away. Total side note: Love the dress.


Frankie and Korsak lead a surveillance sting on the suspect, who they released. It works, after a body slam or two. Meanwhile Jane returns and heads straight to Maura’s office. She sits down with an “Anyway….” and Maura replies, “I know you saw Paddy.”

Jane settles in for a big family talk. She tells Maura Paddy is being transferred to a supermax prison in California. And then she delivers the really big news – Paddy would like to see Maura before he leaves. Jane says she thinks Paddy has some things to get off his chest before he leaves, but it’s totally up to Maura if she wants to listen.


But instead of making Maura think about her complex family dynamics, Jane’s words make her think of the case. And she has her Dr. House moment when something clicks and the whole case is solved. Maura gets up without saying anything and speed walks to the lab leaving Jane to scramble behind her–like the puppy that she is.

Maura has solved the book’s riddle, and it wasn’t inside the book but on the book itself. He had written a confession about being part of a bombing in Dublin where people died on the page edges with a 19th Century technique called fore-edge painting. Maura and Jane exchange quickie congratulatory eye sex at solving the riddle. See, there most certainly can be academic superheroes.


Case now successfully cracked, Jane and Co. have called in a British investigator to hand over the bombing case to her. Frankie and Korsak commiserate over having such hot women like Jane and Maura and posh English-accent cop be out of their reach on account of The Gay.

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