“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (5.05): Welcome to the Dollhouse


Meanwhile, in the Division One Café Jane is being served a heaping meal of Maternal Guilt. Mama R tossed baked chicken and steamed vegetables at her with a shrug. Jane tries to smooth things over by asking Mama R to sit with her while she eats. She gets crossed arms and a discussion of boundary issues instead.


Mama R tells Jane she has “10-foot walls made of steel” for boundaries and then says she knows she built them because “you watched me make the mistake of being completely dependent” so to avoid the same fate she chose to “never depend on anyone.” Wait, whoa, whistle a stoppage of play. Didn’t just two episodes ago Jane ask Maura to help her raise the baby? And last episode didn’t Jane asked Maura to raise the baby if something should happen to her?

I understand the point Mama R is trying to make about getting shut out. But, uh-uh, nope. Jane is dependent on someone and that someone is Maura. So Mama R’s great big emotional speech about her walls and her boundaries and not letting anyone in? Bull to the shit. Jane looks cute, though.


Jane finishes her baked chicken and the team finally has a real break in the case. The chauffeur with expensive taste also happens to the illegitimate son of Rich Old Lady’s late husband. But before they confront him, the team confronts the bigger, sadder elephant in the room. Frost’s old desk and chair, with his action figure sentinel still standing watch.

Korsak takes the leap and sits down, confirming that while Det. Barry Frost is still in our hearts and minds, he is no longer in the chair. Again, props to the writing staff for continuing its respectful, thoughtful farewell to Lee Thompson Young.


The little business of finding the murderer is finally wrapped up. Yep, it was the illegitimate son chauffeur whose anger and resentment boiled over at Rich Old Lady. He wanted her to suffer, but then he felt kind of bad about it. Oh, no one cares. Disposing of the case means we can finally get to our Big Gayzzoli Ending.

Jane is at the Isles-Rizzoli Estates and Mama R is giving her all kinds of mildly gross maternal pregnancy advice. She says Jane will be like a “cat in heat” during her second trimester. Better hope Maura’s bedroom is sound proofed, Mama R. Their sex talk is, thankfully, interrupted by the growl of Maura’s Triumph. Mama R scoffs that Jack/Victor is “a fan of the sidecar.” If that’s some weird sexual position, sweet merciful Zeus, please never tell me about it.


Mama R and Jane share a knowing look. Taking the beard out for a test drive is an important part of any sexuality masking relationship. Maura is thrilled because it went well and despite the Death Tree it just might be possible this beard will not try to kill her in her sleep. It’s a low bar, people. Still, she tells Mama R she needs a stiff drink to shake off the heterosexuality.

And we all celebrate because this means Jane and Maura can continue their not-so-secret relationship unabated while the rest of oblivious world will go along thinking they’re just best friends who are constantly having breakfast at each other’s places, sleeping in each other’s beds, buying motorcycles with sidecars for each other, promising to raise and protect each other’s future children and letting their mother-in-laws live in their homes. Yeah, totally normal friend stuff. Sure. *Wink* I’ll drink to that.

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