“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (5.04): Dykes on Bikes

But now it’s time to actually verbalize the unspoken. Jane says she has been planning for their baby’s future. She asks Maura to raise the baby if anything serious should ever happen to her. Well, of course Jane. That’s what couples do. But, agreed, it’s always good to reconfirm these things. Jane also thanks Maura for buying the bike and sidecar, and Maura declares it “all yours.” They seal it all with some eye sex and vigorous bouncing up and down. And I didn’t even have to make that up, it really happened. If this bike is rocking, don’t come knocking, folks.


The sidecar breaks from the, um, exertion. But fear not, our gals will no doubt find sturdier structures to continue their celebration.

You guys were ON FIRE with the #Gayzzoli tweets. Mostly, about how much #Gayzzoli there was to tweet about. On with the tweets of the week.

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