“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (5.04): Dykes on Bikes

And it’s not just any bike, it’s a 2008 Triumph Bonneville T100 with–and this is very important–a sidecar. Yes, yes, that’s right–Maura bought a motorcycle with an adorable little sidecar for Jane. Oh, don’t act so surprised–I’ve always said Jane is butch in the streets, femme in the sheets. I mean, look at how excited Maura is at the prospect of driving her lady around.


Also, come on, the writers have totally given up on the façade that Jane and Maura are just “friends.” No one buys a motorcycle with a sidecar specifically for her “friend” only. And then asks her specifically what color helmet her “friend” wants. Jane smiles through her skepticism–sitting in Maura’s sidecar would totally blow her cover as a butch top. But she gives her girlfriend some I-love-you-so-much-you-hot-biker-mama eye sex as thanks.

The next day Jane and Korsak are back at the victim’s house. She finally takes Maura’s advice from the night before to be open and direct about her sexuality about his retirement. Though it leads to defensiveness and snipping. So, yeah, this probably isn’t an encouraging sign for Jane when it comes to that other stuff she should be open and direct about.


They’re still searching for the source of the gas. Maura theorizes that it could be an electromagnetic field generator that was holding down a hatch and also messing with their instruments. Jane and Korsak go in to investigate but then it all goes BOOM. I understand TNT has a new catchphrase, but this is ridiculous.


After the dust, quite literally, settles we see that Korsak and Jane aren’t too hurt. Just some cuts and scrapes. They make up about the snooping, nothing like a massive explosion to put your petty arguments in perspective. Korsak also reassures Jane that he isn’t sure about retiring. He is just weighing his options–with the help of life coach Kiki. Hey, you think we’ll get to meet Kiki this season? Now I’m intrigued.

Of course, right now the only option for the detectives is to investigate a second death. They find the body of Bob the builder (Get it?) inside the blast hole. Um, if this is how safe these shelters are, I think I’ll try my luck on the outside of the door instead.


They soon find out that Bob the builder was a classic marauder. He stole from a lot of the people he built shelters for–cigarettes, antibiotics, diamonds. Frankie and Jane then argue about how good Jane would be at marauding. She tries to prove her survival skills by saying she’d step over her own mother…who is right behind her.

Yeah, I don’t know how moms do that either. It’s like a sixth sense they get–when to appear to cause the maximum embarrassment to your children. Mama R is checking on Jane from the blast and wants her to take some time off from her dangerous job. Jane is incredulous and rolls her eyes because we all know America doesn’t have good maternity leave programs like that.

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