“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (5.04): Dykes on Bikes


Before heading back to the crime scene, Korsak asks Jane to sign a 40th birthday card for “Lisa in Dispatch.” Suddenly I’m very curious about Lisa. Did she always want to work in dispatch? Does she also visit cat costume websites? Jane struggles with what to write, but then self-satisfyingly signs, “40 kind of sucks.” But when she drops it back on his desk, that smug smile turns around quickly as she sees retirement paperwork.


Naturally, she runs down to see Maura so she can process her feelings. Lesbians, so predictable. Maura distracts her from her fretting by telling Jane the cause of the prepper’s death: Halon gas. So it was almost definitely murder. But Jane can’t focus, instead fretting about Korsak. Maura calms her down, tells her she could be jumping to conclusions. Such a sweet girlfriend, this one.


Maura and Frankie head back to the bug out to meet with its designer. It’s a race between him and some guy neighbors saw the victim get in a fistfight with to see who is the first Red Herring No. 1. But it doesn’t appear to be this guy, because all Maura wants to know is if he can build a shelter with a shoe closet for her.

Nope, instead it’s the fisticuffs fellow–who also happened to be his gold dealer. No offense, preppers, but I think when the shit really goes down the only real commodities will be cans of tuna and rolls of toilet paper. Yes, pun intended.


Jane is back in Maura’s office just hanging out. So now I’m starting to understand why employers have rules about not dating coworkers–all the lost productivity. She sneaks over to her computer and starts to look up Korsak’s service record. Doing sneaky stuff on your girlfriend’s computer so you won’t get caught is a classic move, I’ll admit.

The team is still stumped about how the gas got into the shelter. Jane wants Frankie to set up a ground-penetrating radar sweep for the next day. But he has an appointment he can’t break, which only raises Jane’s Big Gay Sister suspicions even more. Is he meeting guys on Grindr to get over Frostie?


Maura and Jane head home together–at this point do I even need to write that anyone? Isn’t it just a given. Maura wants to show her something and Jane grumbles about it keeping her from eating nachos on the couch. Girl, I feel you. Nothing should get in the way of a woman’s nachos. Maura tells her the case has made her think about planning for unforeseen circumstances.

So, clearly, that means she is thinking of buying a motorcycle. While I’m struggling to see how this will help in a zombie apocalypse, I’m thrilled that they will finally be able to join the Dykes on Bikes contingent at next year’s Pride Parade.

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