“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (5.02): Everybody needs a hug


Maura brings in folding screens to give the woman some privacy while they process her and take her clothing. I’m not sure why they have to do this in the lobby, but it’s probably because that’s where the In Memoriam plaque is honoring the fallen officers. Jane walks up to it and Maura follows quickly behind. Like with any good girlfriend, she can sense a disturbance in the force. And she knows when she is needed.


But Jane already knows what Maura is going to say and, ever the stubborn one, insists she isn’t going home to plan the funeral. She is going to work this case, like he would have wanted.

Maura notices Jane isn’t saying his name, so Jane swallows hard and says, “Barry Frost, there, you happy Dr. Freud?” Maura countered that Freud thought everything was related to some repressed sexual desire. And then she nudges Jane and says, “Know what I mean? Know what I mean? Nudge, nudge. Wink wink. Say no more.” Oh, yeah, those two have totally used those privacy screens before for their own Freudian purposes in the past.


Jane says she has to leave to solve the case, but Maura knows it’s because she mentioned repressed sexual desire. You can’t blame her. If Maura were your girlfriend you’d have to repress your sexual desire all the time just to make it through the day.

Now Frankie and Jane are talking about Frost’s funeral arrangement. He could have a full police service, with all the pomp and circumstance that follows. But Jane says a cop’s funeral becomes a photo op. Then everyone shows up. The Cardinal, the Mayor. And Frost hated the Mayor. In fact, he wrote in former Red Sox pitcher Bill “Spaceman” Lee instead of voting for him. If I don’t like either candidate I just write in “Hillary Clinton.” Damn right, I’m ready for Hillary.


Instead they say no to the police ceremony, no to the Mayor and yes to bagpipes. Then the team argues about who will be in charge of what. Korsak picks pictures and Frankie gets stuck with music. Good rule of thumb, no dubstep. Much to everyone’s chagrin, Lt. Cavanaugh walks in with a grief counselor. And, once again, Frankie gets stuck with the worst job–talking with him first. I know, I know, FEELINGS are hard. Just man up and talk about them, people.

Back in her lab, Maura is examining the now considerably less blood-covered woman. She decides to call her Jessica Doe, to distinguish her from the less lively bodies she normally sees on her table. Then she chats her up more about baseball to confirm Jane’s previous gaydar ping. Maura breaks out some impressive stat knowledge, because you can never show off your Lesbo Street Cred enough in front of a cute possible murder suspect.


Then they talk about hotdogs and mustard and good dental care. If she also clipped her nails I’d say this is just about the perfect lesbian foreplay. Maura brings her findings to Jane and Korsak, along with a healthy dose of Dr. Isles intellectual babble. Jane realizes Maura has named the stray victim/suspect and is worried they’ll have to take her home and raise her as their own now. Give into it, Jane. All lesbian couples adopt strays. It is just our way.

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