“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (4.15): We say to Frankie, “Relax! Don’t do it!”

Jane reveals that Hope came to see her, and Maura pretends it’s no big deal. But even Hope knows to get to Maura you have to go through Jane. So, really, it is a big deal. Also, Jane tells Maura she is her advocate. Really, Jane is her everything.

The next morning Frankie swings by Maura’s office. *clicks on neon sign* Maura offers him some of her bomb-ass coffee and then lets him down easy by saying, “Sometimes we think that something is more than it is.” He suddenly realizes Jane is going to kicks his ass. So he runs off without coffee. *clicks off neon sign*


Since there’s still like 15 minutes left in the show, Red Herring No. 2 emerges. It’s a gangbanger who has been shaking down the food trucks. But at least they got a tasty lunch out of the deal. Maura emerges to give them more fun facts, which of course breaks the case because now there are only 5 minutes left and we need to save the last moments for the Big Gayzzoli Ending.

The Second Place chef did it so he could sell his GMO-laden sauce to Big Industry. Money, greed, secret sauce – it’s the same old story. This one was so easy Jane didn’t even break out the Ponytail of Righteous Justice for the arrest.


Back at the Isles Estates, Jane and Maura walk in. That they are constantly at each other’s houses doesn’t even register on the Gayzzoli Scale these days. It’s just how things are. Mama R is testing out wedding cakes. She says it’s for Tommy, but we know in the back of her mind she’s hoping to finally use that two brides topper she bought after Massachusetts legalized same-sex marriage.

Something tells me Maura knows about the secret cake topper and can’t wait.


There’s a knock at her door and Jane goes to answer because the whole “mi casa es su casa” thing is no joke. Hope doesn’t seem at all surprised when Jane answers. Like I said, at this point everyone knows. They’re just waiting for Jane and Maura to acknowledge it themselves. Hope asks Jane if she can enter Maura’s house. (See!) She also tells Jane and Mama R to stay while she talks with Maura. (See! See!)


Hope wants, needs Maura’s forgiveness. She says she is closing her life-saving clinics to make amends. This offer somehow does not sway Maura. But Mama R does. She talks to her about family and change. And then Jane pipes in about happiness and non-judgment. Is this a PFLAG meeting?

Maura decides to believe in people’s ability to change for the better and literally has Hope start fresh. She sends her outside to knock again. And then opens the door on their second chance. It’s so touching I feel like pouring myself a cup of panda poop tea and having a good happy cry.


You know Mama R is going to have one while polishing off the sampler wedding cakes later.

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