“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (4.15): We say to Frankie, “Relax! Don’t do it!”


On the off chance anyone actually cares about the case and not this weird Frankie likes Maura thing this episode has going on, the organic chef was killed by pesticide. Now that’s ironic, and not in the Alanis Morissette way.

Jane leaves but runs into Frankie coming down on the elevator to see Maura. She’s like, “Hey, thanks for trying to protect my girlfriend. Also, stay the fuck away from her. Cool?” Frankie spews some garbage about having liked her for a long time. Never mind that he has never once before in four years given us even the smallest inkling of an indication that he had done any such thing. But Jane just responds, “She’s my family. You’re just my brother. Shut it down. Capiche?”


This whole Wrong Rizzoli mess is enough to put a person off his delicious GMO cookie. Right, Korsak?


OK, let’s breeze through the exposition. Chef Holden won the contest, hired his second and third place rivals to work for him. Chef Third Place was also his recently broken-up-with girlfriend. Chef Second Place ran his food truck. Both said he was a great guy and true believer who would never sell out to the pro-GMO forces of corporate darkness. But, twist! Chef Holden lost his ability to taste in a car accident. So clearly one of the two other chefs did it. Can we please get back to the story that matters?

Jane returns to the station and is accosted by Hope. You remember Hope, right? Maura’s biological mother who thought she was dead because her gangster kingpin boyfriend told her so and then took a bunch of his blood money to open her clinics and also took one of Maura’s kidneys for her “real daughter.” You know, in a nutshell. Anyway, this time she wants Maura’s forgiveness. But Jane is ever the overprotective girlfriend and tells her to go suck it. But slightly more politely. Slightly.


Red Herring No. 1 is Third Place Chef. She was driving the car in the crash that severed his sense of smell. But she didn’t do it because love or something. The only reason this plot isn’t totally annoying me is because it showcases Maura’s adorable foodie fangirl side. Also the amazing fact that Maura watches reality TV. Oh, also they used the term “tasting beard.” So they do know what a beard is. Interesting.

Speaking of Maura, she is back in her lab taste testing hot sauce. See, I told you it was adorable.


Maura “I can smell a fart in New Hapshire” Isles is still troubled by Chef Holden’s inability to smell the pesticide on his chef coat. She realizes his compromised palate extends to his own product, namely his signature hot sauce. She makes Jane try them which is probably a very unsubtle way of making her lick her own fingers. Ladies, get a room.

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