“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (4.14): Love makes a family


Dinner is another awkward extravaganza, fueled by bacon-wrapped Vienna sausage. And, in Frank Sr.’s case,  most of a bottle of red. I think you could cook all of Boston a turkey dinner off the bad energy in the room. Frank Sr. proceeds to call Tommy an “idiot savant” who could play chess but was “useless at everything else.” Then he calls Frankie a “quitter” who was “babied” by Mama R. She tries to remind him about what alcohol does to his tongue. Um, too late, we can all see.


An ugly familial scene ensues that, for many, will be all too familiar. Cavanaugh also sort of threatens to kill Frank Sr., which is probably a no-no for a police officer. But in the end it’s all just awful and Jane tells her father he can never take back the terrible things he says to his kids. And then she apologizes to Maura. There are tears. So much tea and sympathetic spooning are in order tonight. So much.

The next morning Frost and Korsak are also there for her, too, but in a less snuggly way and more coffee and Danish way. Frost confides that his dad is an “asshole, too.” Group hug, everyone, group hug.


The investigation breaks up their kumbaya moment. They go to search the victim’s room at the rehab facility. Inside they find her laptop and a guitar. But Korsak informs them it’s probably not hers because, oh, who cares. Did you know Bruce McGill can play guitar beautifully?

Anyway, they question the roommate who happens to be singing one of the victim’s songs at the memorial service – but with a much less beautiful voice. The roommate claims she never played guitar, etc. etc. We know where this is going, right? Back to Bruce and that guitar. He really can play.


Back at the precinct, Maura indulges in a speculation and makes a connection between a brand of marshmallow vodka and the victim’s stomach contents. Long story considerably shorter: The roommate did it. She stole her song to get a record deal. Yadda-yadda. Whew. I’m so glad that’s out of the way. Now we can get back to the important stuff.

Jane and Maura return to the Isles Estate laughing after what I can only assume was a celebratory romantic case closed dinner at the Dirty Robber. Bless Maura for not getting tired of going to the same place each night. But when they arrive home they find Angela and Frank Sr. He has come to apologize to Jane and Maura (about time), for being a pig.


He also tells them he only has Stage 2 cancer, which is treatable. So, good? He also calls Jane his No. 1 Daughter. Yes, she is also his only daughter. Oy, this guy. He is actually thinking of moving back to Boston and finally everyone has had enough. Mama R tells him they have separate lives now. And Jane gives him the, “Stay in touch.” So, I think that’s probably the last of Mr. Palminteri we’ll see in a while.

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