“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (4.14): Love makes a family

The victim’s parents come and tell them that she was an adopted, shy, friendless, alcoholic music prodigy in rehab who was afraid to perform in public. Um, perhaps she never gave them Mother’s or Father’s Day cards. Frost then teaches Korsak about The Interwebs and YouTube and Pitchfork. Did Pitchfork buy this product placement? Because I don’t know if their demographic and this show’s demographic are the same. But maybe we’re all just closet Sufjan Stevens fans.

But the evidence shows otherwise (about the victim, not all of the viewership carpooling to Coachella together). The victim had alcohol in her system and was at an open-mic night with her guitar. They find a posted video of her busking in the subway station. And then Jane tells Korsak he just has to see this keyboard playing cat, and they laugh and laugh and laugh.


Red Herrings No. 1 (skeazy bar guy) and No. 2 (really bad drum player) come and go. Jane gets a little glum, because the case is taking them to one dead end after another. But Maura has worn her skin-tight pencil-dress for just this reason. A girlfriend knows when her girlfriend might need a little visual pick-me-up. Bless you, costume department.


Jane’s morose attitude is one part case, two parts her dad’s diagnosis. But Maura assures her the test isn’t very reliable. And then she mentioned “digital stimulation during sexual experimentation.” Oh, do you ladies have a lot of experience with that? Asking for a friend.

Maura then promptly invites Jane over for “dinner.” Well, there might be eating involved. Heyyy-O! But then Jane remembers. She invited her entire family over to Maura’s house without asking her first. That is an automatic -10 Girlfriend Points, Jane Clementine Rizzoli.


Poor Maura. She is such a good sport with these Rizzolis. She is allowing tuna casserole and Jell-O molds and creamed corn out of a can to be served at the Isles Estate. That, my friends, is love. But then Mama R tells them there will be guests, plural, coming to dinner. Ruh-roh, Rhaggy.


First it’s Frank Sr, with his dyed blue carnations. Then it’s Cavanaugh with a fresh bouquet of soft-pink roses. In the Flower Olympics, Cavanaugh is Michael Phelps and Frank Sr. is that guy who dog paddled in the 100-meter freestyle–but much less endearing.

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