“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (4.14): Love makes a family

Jane demands some answers to why Papa R suddenly turned into such an A-S-S besides an obvious vendetta by the writers. He mumbles something about just being unhappy and that a mid-(more like late)-life crisis is a hell of a thing. Oh, did I mention he wants Jane to tell Angela about his prostrate cancer to garner sympathy and help from her? Man, he really, really pissed off the writers.

Of course, his visit sends Jane running back to Maura’s. Nobody makes it all better like your girlfriend after an upsetting–well–anything. Maura offers her more tea and some Totally Gratuitous, Totally Gay Touching.


Jane complains to Maura about how her father was talking about his “manhood.” I want to complain about that, too. Everyone should complain about that. Jane also wonders whether Papa R could be faking his cancer diagnosis. Well, now I just have to know what Chazz Palminteri did to the writers. Because you know it was something bad.

Mama R walks in and overhears enough. Jane confesses that it’s cancer and there are a lot of furrowed brows and feelings. Aw, the Rizzolis really are sweet. Minus Frank Sr.


On the case, the team discovers the victim was a music conservatory student and daughter of a famous composer. Maura wants Jane to sniff her stomach contents, because of course she does. But Jane “does not sniff,” which is a good rule of thumb for pretty much everyone who isn’t in a rose garden.

Discussion turns back to Jane’s parents’ sex lives. And now she is starting to think sniffing stomach contents would be a more appealing option. But then there’s a Rizzoli Family emergency text for moral support for Mama R. Jane tries to ditch because of work, but Maura gives her the stern girlfriend look plus head tilt. Pro tip: Always obey the stern girlfriend look plus head tilt.


The Rizzolis are huddled at the Division One Café when Frank Sr. walks in. He wants them all to have one last family dinner together before it’s “too late.” Mama R suggests Maura’s, but he wants someplace it can just be “family.”

Oh, honey child, here come the fireworks. Mama R laughs at him, because she knows love makes a family. Also she is totally the captain of this ship. She tells him Maura took her in, Maura loves her daughter, Maura is her family. Can we get Angela a “PFLAG Mom of the Year” pin to add to her apron collection, please?


Yet Mama R still takes Frank “The Jerk” Sr. to his doctor’s appointment and afterward tells Jane it “doesn’t look good.” Seriously, this family is so sweet–minus Frank Sr. Also, they did really good casting with Lorraine Bracco as Angie Harmon’s mom. Just an observation.

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