“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (4.11): All Hail Seitan


They look into the prison, where the judge had sent many of her first-time offenders in hopes of rehabilitation. But instead they all got their sentences extended. Hence, the empty “Extensions” folder. Seems she was looking into the prison. Maura also uncovers some fishy business – and not the fun kind – in the dead inmate’s file.


So Jane, Maura and Korsak all go to investigate. They get in under the rouse of being “on the same side” against the pain-in-the-you-know-where dad (ak.a. Red Herring No. 4). The warden sympathizes, parents whose children were wrongfully killed while under state-sanctioned supervision can be so annoying. The detectives and Chief Medical Examiner of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (they come along to all police interviews not involving dead bodies, right?) ask for a tour, but the warden won’t let them see the prisoner cells.

So Jane does what any woman would do. She fakes menstrual cramps. Maura runs after her, leaving Korsak to “bitch” about having a female co-worker. The warden reacts in an appropriately sexist fashion so we can’t wait for Jane to nail him – but not in the fun way. In the handcuffs way, but – yet again – not in the fun way.


Jane and Maura Scooby Doo their way through the prison. Jane has conveniently swiped an access card to get into restricted areas. All this subterfuge makes Maura itchy, so Jane promises to buy her some Benadryl. Sheesh, we already gave you the trophy. No need to keep kissing up.

They find hardcore gangbangers stuffed four-to-a-cell in what should be a minimum security facility. They also find an infirmary which is only open twice a week for a few hours. Inside they find the victim’s medical file, which reveals he died from suffocation not so-called kidney failure. So the prison officials covered it up to keep their state contract. And they also cover up the fact that they present themselves as a minimum security facility when really it’s filled with murderers and rapists. The cherry on top of this already solved puzzle is the Ritalin Maura finds in the medicine cabinet.


Jane and Maura manage to slip out of the infirmary unnoticed. All those years of sneaking around for a private place to be alone at police headquarters have really paid off. Back in the office, Frost shows them a video he found of Doug Savant, who did it, having an angry coffee meeting with the judge. They’re talking about the extensions and she brings out a complaint to the bar – and, one last time, not the fun kind.

To no one’s surprise, Doug Savant has ties to the private prison. His firm represents them and he recommended the facility to her. So the judge was threatening to have him disbarred, meaning he could potentially lose everything. What happens next, kids? Yep, DOUG SAVANT DID IT.


Right, so this thing could have been solved 58 minutes ago. But no big deal. At least we have a couple minutes for our Big Gayzzoli Ending. Right? Well, sort of. Mama R is at The Dirty Robber waiting for Korsak, who confirms she’s debt free from the IRS. Tommy is there, too, drinking a soda and buying the house a round on him. Looks like his personal injury settlement came in. Gee. Tommy comes into money. Tommy has a big heart. This is really tough, who paid off Mama R’s IRS bill? Wait, DOUG SAVANT DID IT, TOO? Nope, it was Tommy. Big, dumb, lovable Tommy.

He even covers for Jane and Maura when they let slip they knew about Mama R’s money troubles. He’s starting to reach Giovanni-levels of clueless likeability. Jane tells him she’s proud of him, and gives him a mama bear hug. She says Frankie and her will split the debt with him, because the Rizzolis stick together. And the Rizzolis also know not to mess with each other’s women. Tommy rightfully asks Jane, since they’re all hugging, can he hug Maura, too. Jane allows it. But with a stern, “Hands where I can see them.” Nobody gets handsy with Det. Jane Rizzoli’s lady, nobody but Det. Jane Rizzoli.


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