“Rizzoli & isles” Subtext Recap (4.10): My kingdom for a kale salad

Lt. Suave begs Jane to hold off on arresting the main meth dealer so they can get to his higher up. Jane says of course not, because she’s a good cop who doesn’t mind sharing her information with fellow police in the name of the public safety. Also, she’s not a jerk. But she makes sure to come along for the sting, where Lt. Suave tries to suave her again. But she’s having none of it. You keep that douchey Casanova at binocular’s length, honey.


Suave & Co. make the meth bust and arrest the dealer, only to have his lawyer show up shortly after with the bail money. Jane is pissed because there goes her arrest. See, never put a man’s wishes above yours, Jane. Ooops, guess my MHL-filter was still turned up.

Korsak makes a call to slow down his release–paperwork is hard–and Frankie comes in with a find from the suspect’s car. It’s a car alarm programmer that can also program key fobs. So now they don’t need the transmitter, they just need to match the programmer to the receiver. Next Maura and BT BT do just that. Thank God, there’s only like 5 minutes left and no Big Gayzzoli Ending in sight yet.


 Now they know the dealer planted the bomb, they just have to find out who was holding the key fob that triggered the explosion. So they have to find the connection between all of the men, who have previously been in prison. Who could it be, who could it be, who could it be with her collar hanging out of her jacket?

Yep, it was the female parole officer. She’s the drug trafficking kingpin and has been working with her wayward parolees both in Boston and Mexico. The team provides a helpful simulation of the explosion, which I’m guessing was just another fun excuse to blow something up on set. And then they cuff her. Leave it to Jane to always get her woman.


Finally, the case is solved and the beards are gone. Maura walks into the Dirty Robber–with no BT BT anywhere to be found – and instead happily finds Jane waiting for her at a table–with no Lt. Suave anywhere to be found. Not only is Jane waiting for her patiently at a table, she’s waiting for her patiently at a table while eating a kale salad. Yes, a bacon-cheeseburger gal has ordered a kale salad without Maura’s prompting, just to make her girlfriend happy. I swear, if that isn’t love I don’t know what is.


Though, Jane does bargain that eating one kale salad for her girlfriend gives her the right to drink coffee the next day, and the next day after that, and the next day after that, and… also, she’s having fries for dessert. Maura just laughs, because you take your victories where you can in relationships. And making Det. Jane. Rizzoli willfully order a kale salad by herself is definitely a victory.


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