“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (4.08): Big Sister Act

Back at the office Maura tries to commiserate with Jane about her sibling problems. Jane says Cailin is a good person and student, so demanding she’s also a good cleaner is almost greedy. Plus, Jane’s not the neatest lady in the world and look how well those two fit together. Opposites attract for a reason. Not that you should be attracted to your sister, Maura. This isn’t Flowers in the Attic.

Meanwhile, Mama R is in the breakroom collecting cans out of the garbage. Perhaps I was mistaken about who was the vagrant after all. Korsak catches her in the act and makes her tell him what’s wrong. Papa R never paid their taxes and because she never signed the divorce papers she now owes $27,000 to the IRS. Lady, you’re going to need a much bigger boat to collect 27K worth of cans. Korsak says he’ll loan her the money, interest free, on the spot. She declines, but isn’t Korsak just the greatest. Rescuer of stray dogs, cats and broke divorcees.


The detectives narrow the murder weapon down to a skate hook, normally used to tighten laces. Maura narrows it down even further to a specific brand of manufacturer because she’s awesome and definitely would not have any underlings who would perform routine comparison tests in forensic clay for her. But the team still hasn’t identified the victim. Damn guys, we’re two-thirds of the way through this thing. Get on it so we can have our Big Gayzzoli Ending.

The detectives make a random, yet apparently educated guess where the victim’s car must be. They think it’s in the water off a nearby secluded pier. I sure hope it’s there because it’s not like you could search the missing person’s database to find this woman or anything. Nope, only her car. Well, at least they gets creative on obtaining fingerprints from all 65 potential suspects from the ice rink, which means enlisting Frankie for a lot of interviews with cranky hockey parents. Jane decides to help him, leaving Frost and Korsak to watch the big crane pull the car out of the ocean. They both literally giggle with delight while watching it happen. Boys will never outgrow their love of Erector Sets. Yes, I said “Erector.” Insert Beavis & Butt-head giggle here.


Because they haven’t had enough alone time since Cailin’s arrival, Jane and Maura insist on staying as close as possible in the office up to and including going through single-person doorways at the same time. I mean, really, get closer you two.


The Gemini impersonators run into Mama in the café rolling out her latest money-making scheme: Angela’s Pick-Me Ups. It’s a food cart filled with all of the baked goods she’s been feverishly preparing in Maura’s kitchen. I’m not going to get into the fact that in order to legally sell food a business must be permitted and have its product made in an approved commercial kitchen. Good thing a building-full of cops would definitely not know that.


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