“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (4.05): Pencil skirts and power tools and head kisses, oh my!

We could get into an in-depth conversation about whether certain crimes are ever justified as a benefit to the greater good. But right now I just want to talk about Det. Jane Rizzoli in that skirt. Look, I know we all struggle internally with our physical lust for Angie Harmon and our mental anguish over her sometimes opposing political views. But, damn, girl. Frost was right – it’s her, um, knees.


Jane is getting prepped for her court appearance. Lt. Cavanaugh is there, too. Hey, did you know back in the day Paddy Doyle was Cavanaugh’s confidential informant? Whaaaaat? And now he’s dating the mother-in-law of Paddy’s biological daughter? It’s a small world after all.

Korsak knew about it because they worked in the drug unit together back in the day. Then he gets sentimental about Cavanaugh’s wife and son, who died in 1993 when they were killed in a gas fire. Wait, wasn’t the flashback at the beginning of the episode from 1993 with someone busting a gas line in a house where a lady and her son returned? Also, either that child is the descendant of giants or that is some terrible, terrible Photoshop.


Jane gets called away by Maura because – we all know there doesn’t need to be a because. She finds her in her no-shoes yoga room. I don’t think we knew that Maura had a yoga room before and curiously Jane acts like she didn’t either. But that’s understandable considering all the time they spend in the bedroom instead.

Jane plops down next to Maura on the mat, with a thud. They talk about Hope and ethics and the yoga pose to end all problems. I know something you can do to make all problems melt away, ladies.  I mean, since you’re already on the floor being flexible and all.


Maura is thinking the same thing, clearly, because she says they’ll have to move to a yoga colony in Pune (pronounced Poon-a, which sounds like, oh you know) to find said pose. Ladies, you don’t have to move to India for some poon. You’re alone together on a padded floor, for God’s sake. Jane agrees and says she doesn’t want to move to poontown because she already lives in poontown.

Speaking of poontown, Papa Rizzoli is still living in his own version of it somewhere in Florida. Jane misses him, but knows she’d be over it as soon as she saw him snuggling with some blonde, and it’s always a blonde. Well, Maura has blonde highlights so, apples and trees and falling far from and such.


Jane gets a call saying it’s time for court and Maura says she’s coming with because – we all know there doesn’t need to be a because. The trial goes swimmingly until Frost and Korsak run up during a break with news that the star witness is dead. His SUV was T-boned by a semi coming to the courthouse killing him and two U.S. Marshals. Jane makes a face like, “Seriously, I wore this skirt for nothing!”


The prosecutor does his best Sam Waterston in court, yelling about truth, justice and the American way. For a second I thought I heard the “chung-chung” Law & Order closing sound. I wonder if Angie is having flashbacks. That they never had Abbie Carmichael, Alex Cabot and Olivia Benson together in the same room is one of the greatest missed opportunities of Dick Wolf’s career.

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