“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext recap (4.03): They’re not regular aunts, they’re cool gay aunts


A little old-fashioned detective work by way of Vidal Sassoon helps Korsak get a major break in the case which leads them to a bodega where the victim was the night she died which leads them to the factory across the street which leads them to her mother and identity. Yes, yes, this is a police show. We get it.

An interview with the girl’s mother sheds light on the tattoo, which is a mark of possession by the Four Corners gang. And then Maura arrives to break even more bad news, her daughter was four weeks pregnant when she was killed. Jane gives the distraught mom her extra-sensitive sympathy eyes along with deeply compassionate hand holding, something – you might have noticed – she reserves only for female loved ones of murder victims.


But murder has to wait, people, because Jane and Maura have a fake “girls’ night” to throw. They rush home to prepare their “homemade” dinner, while Lydia plays with Jo Friday. And, might I add, it’s the real Jo Friday this time not that scraggly imposter. Lydia is just having the best time playing with the pup, so Jane and Maura lay it on thick about how Tommy loves Jo Friday, too, and Tommy loves playing with TJ and Tommy is such a good father.

Then there’s a knock on the door and it’s Tommy – and Rondo in all his hobo chic meets Cab Calloway glory. Jane slips Rondo a couple bills to get lost so the dim-witted lovebirds can coo at each other without interruption. And to make things even more private, Jane snaps at Maura to bring Jo Friday over so she can have an “accident” with the pot roast. A plan with this many “air quotes” is bound to succeed, “right?”


Everyone laughs because look at that little dog trying to eat that big pot roast. Then Jane drags Maura off under the guise of getting take out. But instead they meet a still-lingering Rondo outside the door and all stop to listen. I swear this show gets more like Scooby Doo every week.


Our eavesdropping Scooby Gang hear Lydia telling Tommy how much Jo Friday likes him. Maura calls it a good sign because verbal compliments often serve as foreplay. And then the good times really roll as dopamine and oxytocin (not to be confused with their less legal cousins dope and Oxycontin) get released. Well, Maura should know. She’s the one who keeps calling Jane “gorgeous.”

But the best laid plans rarely get people laid, and Lydia storms out after the two start to argue. Jane and the gang scramble to appear less conspicuous in the hallway. But Lydia says they’ll have to take a raincheck on the girls’ night for Guam. That’s gonna be one humdinger of a commute.

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