“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (4.02): All in the family

Just when you think Maura’s endless wonders have reached their limit, she surprises you again with the ability to pick locks. A skill she’s had since she was 9 years old. This, of course, makes Jane even more into her. They break into the evidence room. I know, you’re thinking these dark stacks would be a perfect place for a little hanky panky. But as Jane so astutely notes, Maura isn’t made for hunching. Pillow queen. So our ladies just end up researching Hope and Paddy’s connections.


They find out Hope and Paddy kept in contact, even after Maura’s supposed death. And Hope took some $2.5 million in his dirty money to start her clinics. Well, see, now that’ll get the scary men in suits with bad energy following you for sure.

An awkward mother/daughter/daughter-in-law confrontation follows, only to be followed by an even more awkward mother/father/daughter/daughter-in-law confrontation where he says he won’t plead guilty to save them from investigation. Just imagine this Thanksgiving dinner. See, doesn’t silent time on the couch watching football with your cousins seem more fun in retrospect.


Back on the case, Maura is upset about her soiled shoe. She’s even touching the blood, which cannot be sanitary. But luckily it turns out to be transmission fluid. I mean, luckily for the case – not the shoe. I have no idea how to get transmission fluid off of leather. The fluid was found both at the crime scene and where the body washed up. Then again through the magic of Maura/by way of Susie/science/convenient plot devices we uncover the fluid came from a state trooper’s car. Hey, remember that state trooper Jane was having the jurisdictional tug-of-war with about the body? Yeah.

Det. Suave sends Frankie to block the perp while he’s still on the college campus. Then they all screech up guns drawn real subtle like so, of course, Frankie gets captured. He’s the Dawn of Rizzoli & Isles. But just like that little ball of energy grew on you and then you were really sad at the thought of Joel Grey bleeding her dry, so have Frankie’s skills grown. Also you learn a thing or two when your big sister is a badass homicide detective with a Ponytail of Righteous Justive. So he takes down the dirty cop in one move. Nice job, Other Rizzoli. Bonus, now Jane doesn’t have to go to jail for killing Suave.


Wait, hey, that was it? No coupley Jane and Maura closing montage where they banter while doing engine repair or watching baseball or laying on a mattress? What is this, a real crime show? Until next week.

And now, for your #gayzzoli tweets of the week. Last week I put your tweets in a separate take-out, but I heard a few of you asking where they were. So this week they’re back in the post. Let me know which you prefer. Your wish is my command, just like Jane says to Maura every night.










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