“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (4.02): All in the family


As they leave Jane spots some scary men in suits with dark energy tailing them. So she drops off Maura (more protectiveness) and goes to see … who else – Paddy Doyle in the big house. Hey, remember back when Maura went to see Hoyt without telling Jane to help her? Well, seems the couple that secretly visits their partners’ nemeses/mob-boss biological fathers in prison, stays together. She wants Paddy to call off his thugs, but they’re not his thugs. They’re government thugs – feds to be exact, who are investigating Hope and her clinic.

Jane makes a quick call to Agent Dean (how many past beards can they throw into this episode, was Donnie Wahlberg not available) to confirm the news. And now they’re also surveilling Maura. Hey, did you ever notice when Maura concentrates she sticks out her tongue? Or maybe she’s just Tumbling some really juicy Jane-Maura fanfics and can’t help herself.


The team investigates the budding investigative journalist’s death (yeah, I know, that old thing). They find empty drug baggies, but she was apparently as straight edge as they come because her brother died of an overdose. They interrogate her professor, because every episode needs at least one Red Herring. And then through the magic of Maura/science/convenient plot devices, are able to narrow the crime scene down to one of the warehouses near the harbor and find the location.

The journalism student was investigating drug sales on campus, which got her killed. She also secretly recorded her ambush interviews, which means we have a recording of her getting killed. Well, that’s unpleasant. Back in the office Jane is going over the student’s dorm room belongings and finds Det. Suave’s card, complete with his C.I. “safety word” written on the back, inside of a stuffed animal. She storms off to confront him. Oh, kids, get your popcorn. Raspy voiced indignant Jane is here.


You see, Jane’s bad blood with Det. Suave dates back to their days on the drug unit together where he got her C.I. killed. And now another one of his C.I.s winds up dead. And, oh yes there’s an and, he has just sent Frankie in undercover to meet with the supplier. Jane says if he gets her little brother killed she will personally flay him Dark Willow style – but with her eyes.

After a long day of trading shoes, pretending to be into corndogs, visiting in-laws in prison and confronting ex-beards, Jane finally takes Maura out to eat. They walk into the Dirty Robber only to find it’s under new management who are serving only locally sourced organic food. Insert lesbians and organic food joke here. Jane’s eye roll says it all.


Of course Maura is in her element. First she makes sure the feds aren’t following them and then she chows down on the edible table garnish. Really, how cute is she? No wonder Jane is so smitten.


She offers Jane some as well, but we all already know she smells like lavender. Instead, Jane confesses her feelings of guilt about her first C.I.’s murder. They were working a case together and sent her in unprepared. Jane blames herself, I still blame Suave.

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