“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (3.15): Bringing down the big gay house

In the rubble, Frost and Tommy are talking about girls, naturally. Tommy asks if Frost has a girlfriend, and then asks if he’s gay when he doesn’t. Yep, even the dimmest Rizzoli can tell Frost and Frankie are an item. Frost tries to cover, saying he isn’t and had a big thing for Jane. Well, if you can’t openly be with the brother, pretend to like the sister. Tommy says he had a thing for Maura, but knew better than to try anything on his sister’s girl.

Back in the tunnels, the hard hatless duo finds Frost and Tommy using a heat sensor. Then the fire crew comes in and, for some insanely unsafe reason, allows Jane and Maura to watch as they cut through the concrete and sparks fly – STILL WITHOUT HARD HATS. Is avoiding hat head really more important than any sense of storytelling credibility?

Baby Rizzoli, Frost and Tommy get pulled out alive and a little worse for wear. Frost has a busted arm. Tommy has a head injury. So, here’s another good idea, let him hold the fragile baby right away! Seriously. Maura sees the Rizzoli clan together and tells Hope she’ll give her daughter her kidney. But she doesn’t want her to ever know. And then the two hug because Emily Post doesn’t have a section on what to give the person who gives you an organ.

Maura walks over to Jane, placing her hand on her shoulder. They have a moment of intense relief and overjoyed eye sex. And then smile and laugh. Which means even though there are six long months until we get to see them again, we know they’ll be bickering and eye sexing and TGTGTing all that time like the old married couple they are. See you in the summer.

And now, your final #gayzzoli tweets of the season.

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