“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (3.13): Will you be my Viking warlord mistress?

Right, so it was Olaf the beer maker’s assistant who killed him, because she was jealous of his online affair. And also has a hard time separating reality and fiction. Case solved everyone is, of course, back at the Isles Estates. And I mean everyone – Jane, Maura, Mama R, Rondo and his adorable rejects. They’re playing Monopoly because no one ever killed anyone while arguing about Park Place – hopefully.

Jane makes a joke about hiding the good silver and Maura says, “You pretend to be such a badass, but you’re really a pushover.” Butch on the streets, femme in the sheets, eh? Our Adorable Bickersons argue about the amount of garlic on the garlic bread and then look lovingly over at the juvenile delinquents. And they decide to adopt Little Maura on the spot because, man, do those two ladies want to be mommies.

And now on to your #gayzzoli tweets about domestic tranquility and couple bickering of the week.

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