“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (3.12): Say hello to your new captains


But why would richie Bradley kill the girl, the steampunk and the doctor? Because the steampunk was going to reveal that Bradley confessed to killing his ex-girlfriend in a fit of jealous rage and the doctor was a loose end to be tied up. And the check fake Roger Sterling gave Frost is the same kind they found a piece of in the dead doctor’s hand. Busted, 1 percenters.

Three murders solved, an innocent man freed – that deserves a round of drinks at the Dirty Robber, right? Of course it does. Jane, Maura, Frost and Korsak sit down for a couple of cold ones. And as Maura passes around the frosty mugs a red wine appears. She’s all, but I didn’t order red wine. I ordered a brewski because, man, is my tomboy detective girlfriend rubbing off on me. But seems the rubbing, off and otherwise, goes both ways. Because Jane ordered the red wine. She says it’s because Maura always says the reversitol in red wine is good for one’s health. And then Maura swings her head around all, ‘Aw, baby. You actually listen to me? Forget this meditation crap, you’re totally getting laid tonight.” The eye sex doesn’t lie. Go monkey minds, go.

And now, let’s all raise a glass of wine or beer or whatever your girlfriend usually drinks and and enjoy your #gayzzoli tweets of the week.

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