“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (3.04): Please do watch him leave


The lead leads them to, big surprise, the cop’s mentally ill son. And then we have a little showdown. The cop shoots his son. His son knew the cop killed his mother. Jane promises the son she’ll tell what his father did. Then they find her 20-year-old body buried behind the fireplace. And Jane gets angry. Please, feel free to bask in the righteous sexiness of her anger.

Less sexy is Jane’s weird fidgety schoolgirlness when she goes to meet Beard Force at the bar. She tells him she’d like to take it slow. Go running or rollerblading together. He gets insulted, thinking she is taunting him. He says he was a fool to have believed her note. Which she didn’t write, but which said she knows and doesn’t care. Mama R is so grounded for two weeks now. They talk it out. He says he needs time. I say no amount of time will change how gay she really is for Maura. And then he asks her not to watch him leave. She does. And cries a single tear. And then Maura walks in.

Because, when all the beards and boyfriends and bogus things that keep them apart are gone, who will be there to wipe away the tears? Maura. Who will be there to make Jane smile? Maura? Who will be there to shut the front door and live happily ever after together? Maura. Well, at least in the show I’m watching in my head she is. Always.

And now, on to another week of disgruntled #gayzzoli tweets. Seriously, we ask for so little. A little eye sex and a loving TGTGT tap and we’re happy. Sigh.

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