“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (3.02): Is there a doctor in the family?


Jane pulls out her phone and Maura tells her to call her mom and “tell her we’re friends again.” Oh my God, our girls made up! But there’s no time for make-up sex now because of the whole life-threatening scenario and all. Jane begins to humor her, but then sees her phone is working again – to a point. She can only text signals. Loopy Maura – who I rather enjoy except for the whole about to die thing – tells her to text a series of numbers and beep, beep, bops. Jane realizes it’s Morse Code and, in a quiet moment of relief and gratitude, chokes out a, “Good job, Maura.”

Korsak, who went out searching for them, gets the code and gets there just in time. As he pulls Maura out, he commends Jane for staying with her. Jane replies, “I wouldn’t leave her.” That’s it, group hug time, Rizzles Girls. Our girls are back together. First round at the Dirty Robber is on me.

Back at the Isles Estate, the whole Rizzoli clan (minus Pop, ugh, pop) is there to greet Maura when she gets back from the hospital. Jane helps her into the house still in her dirty tank top, all proud and relieved her lady is OK. Tommy, being the doofus he is, brings up his having boinked his dad’s fiancé problem again to Maura. Way to focus on what’s important, dude.

Maura tells them her surgeon was impressed by Jane’s incisions. And it’s Mama R’s turn to be all proud and tells Jane she always wanted a doctor in the family. Jane tells her she’s out of luck because she only got two cops and an undertaker. Then Jane reconsiders and says, “I think you got a doctor, too.” And smiles and sits next to her Maura. Because Maura is family. This is a family. Love makes a family. WHO HAS SOME KLEENEX?

Happy Mama/Mama-in-Law Rizzoli says they should apologize to each other. Simultaneously they tell her to butt out. But then, Maura says she’s sorry if Jane is sorry, with a little soft arm punch for emphasis. Jane says she’s sorry too, but a little less sorry. Always gotta be the top, don’t you Jane? But then confesses they were both jerks. Mama R corrects them saying, “You were both assholes.” Who else can a mama talk to like that other than her daughter and daughter-in-law? No one, that’s who.

Jane confesses she didn’t really win the Sweetest Camper Award. And Maura confesses she missed her. And they hug. Boy, do they ever hug.

Jane nestles her face into Maura’s soft, soft hair, drinks in the familiar smell and, wow – look at the time. Clear out Rizzoli clan, these ladies have some serious make-up sexing to do.

And now to your hilarious #gayzzoli tweets of the week:

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