“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (3.02): Is there a doctor in the family?


Someone who can definitely look death in the face is doing just that as Maura notes an apparent skull fracture on the new victim’s body. Frankie gets excited and says it’s his first murder. And then Maura chides him about jumping to conclusions, using gut instinct, shooting her father and not apologizing for her actions and, wait, I think she’s yelling at the wrong Rizzoli.

The trip to the yoga studio didn’t yield much on its sensei, but the detectives find out his studio has bought a lot of protected land in western Massachusetts using its religious exemption. Maura arrives to say what icky stuff caused the yucky rash. It’s chemicals from a polluted freshwater lake and, Maura being Maura, she has already narrowed it down to a few in western Mass.

Jane says her Sprout troop used to have sleepovers at those lakes and Maura is incredulous that Jane was ever a “kind, friendly, generous” Sprout trooper. Jane tells her she was so sweet and kind she won the Sweetest Camper Award, two years in a row. And then Maura asks, “Was anyone else there?” Everyone looks at everyone else in a silent yet very loud exclamation of OH NO SHE DI’INT.

Even Maura realizes that was probably a little too much and adds, weakly, at the end “…to watch you accept your award.” Yeah, nice not even close to a save. Jane says she’s going to investigate the yoga retreat and Maura says she’s going to take water samples. This gives Frost and Korsak, two of the biggest Rizzles shippers around, an idea. Why not make our two lovebirds drive out to the area together? They decline, but Korsak is not deterred. He has both their cars towed, yes towed, so they’ll have to go together.

Then the World’s No. 1 Rizzles Shipper Mama Rizzoli comes in and closes the deal. She has packed mortadella sandwiches (hello, yum!) for the ladies to take on their road trip. Jane asks if Korsak put her up to it and Mama R has had enough, saying the ladies should at least be civil. When Jane protests more Mama R snaps saying to both women, “If you’re such a grown-up then act like one and stop this!” If the wrath of Mama R and her yummy sandwiches can’t fix this, what can?

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