“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (3.01): We can’t help who we love

Maura returns to the Isles Estate, only to find her place has been tossed. Whoever broke into her townhouse was looking for Paddy’s “book,” filled with all of the city’s dirty cops, politicians and judges. Which is all fine and good, but what Korsak really wants to tell Maura when he gets there is that Jane didn’t know Agent Dean would be at the sting. Aw, gotta love Korsak for trying to get our girls back together. He’s a shipper, too.

Stuck in Evidence Management, Jane is miserable. Frost shows up to cheer her up with coffee and jokes about his penis size. Actually, for a dick joke it was actually pretty cute. They decide to shoot some of the seized guns for fun before they get melted down. Jane grabs a .44-caliber Desert Eagle and gets to firing. I could think of some non-biological phallus-shaped object humor I could use right now, but we keep things classy here. And, yes, I mean dildo jokes.

After blowing off some steam with a large caliber firearm, Jane retrieves the spent ammunition when she notices something familiar – that being the grooves on the bullet. Yes, she has a photographic memory for the nearly microscopic markings on bullets. Just go with it. They compare the bullets, it’s a match for the one that killed the cop. And, as we all already knew from 30 minutes ago, there’s a dirty cop in their ranks.

Turns out the dead cop was shot because he was on Paddy’s payroll. He was helping to get the crime boss seized weapons from the police. The detectives go into evidence to find the guns, but what they find instead is one of the dead IA investigators. Just then the lead IA investigator walks in because he has the best, most non-coincidental timing ever. Is it wrong that I really want Jane to use that gun on him?

They search for the missing guns and find them in Paddy Doyle’s old case evidence boxes. Jane also finds a picture that looks suspiciously like the drawing of the crying woman at the grave site from Maura’s place. So she rushes off because even in the midst of a major cop killing case and career-threatening IA investigation, the most important thing on Jane’s mind is Maura.

She compares the picture with the drawing and, yep, it’s the same lady. So then she rushes off to the hospital to confront Mother Isles, who is at Paddy’s bedside. The woman in the photo is indeed Maura’s biological mother. Paddy took art classes from Mother Isles at Harvard and that’s when he drew the picture. He told her he used to meet the mystery woman in the cemetery, because it was the only place safe from his father. Then one day he showed up at Mother Isles’ with a baby and said the mother had died. And he told his father the baby had died. Well, that’s one way to rush an adoption.

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