“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (3.01): We can’t help who we love


Now that we’ve all recovered enough from the groping to use multi-syllabic words, Jane is being hassled by Internal Affairs about the whole sorted situation. How long has she known Paddy was Maura’s dad? How long has she known Agent Dean? Does she sleep with all of her colleagues? Hey, hey, hey, mister – what Jane and Maura do in their private time together is private. Don’t get all pervy just because it’s two hot chicks getting it on like randy bunnies. Sheesh. The nerve.

The interview is interrupted when Jane and Korsak have to investigate the shooting of a cop. On her way out, she runs into Agent Limpy, who is up and around after getting shot by Paddy in the leg. Jane says she betrayed him. Bella’s dad does his normal hang-dog thing. And then Jane gives him the what-for about messing up her relationship with Maura. Because we all know that’s what she’s really mad about. Shoot him in the other leg, Jane. We all know it’s totally justified.

At the scene of the cop shooting, our unbeloved Dr. Pike is there making us all miss Maura that much more. Jane goes for the flattery-will-get-you-everywhere approach, and indeed it does. She even feigns criticism of Maura’s “wishy washy approach” to crime scene investigation. Faux insulting her one and only in public? These are dark times indeed.

Maura meanwhile is confiding her feelings in Jane’s mom. She says she feels bad for biting Jane’s head off about Paddy. Angela reassures her saying, “We can’t help who we love.” Say hello to Mama Rizzoli, the biggest Rizzles shipper on the planet. Maura gets emotional and Mama R goes in for a hug. But Maura pushes her away saying she’s very reserved and not a hugger. Mama R says Jane and her have that in common. Yet Jane and Maura have absolutely no problem hugging each other. I’m just saying, photos don’t lie.

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