“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (2.15): You always hurt the ones you love

Maura is back in the office working to distract herself because if she doesn’t she’ll cry. Jane hands her a washer they found in the car that hit her mom. Lo and behold, it is the same washer that is missing from the space heater that caused the factory fire. And, boom, the cases are related.

Maura then finds some more interesting evidence about the substances found on the fallen firefighters mask and the hit-a-Maura driver’s floor mats. She gathers Jane, Frost and Korsak to demonstrate and says a lot of sciency words. Jane asks her to say it “in Earthling.” She does, sort of, and then Frost asks for “even more Earthling.” I love it when they ask Maura to dumb stuff down for them.

She opts for the show-don’t-tell approach and causes a little lab explosion to demonstrate. The firefighter’s mask and gloves were coated in a combustible compound and then douses to start the high-intensity fire. And the same compound was found on the floor mats. So they realize the killer was in the fire with him.

So they zero in on the other firefighters in Engine Co. 15. Seems someone else in the company was suspicious about the company, and it was the deceased firefighter. He was investigating all of their fire calls. And he was about to uncover that while they were all ruled accidental, they were set around the same time and day. So they need to flush out the firefighter who started them. And they’re going to use Maura as bait. Bad idea, guys, really bad idea.

So Maura creeps around the burned out factory in her kicky boots and the bad firefighter comes to finish her off. He says he set all those fires to show the public and city it can’t keep laying off firefighters, or something. Luckily Jane, Frost, Korsak and Frankie are also there. As is Gabby, much to Jane’s chagrin. But then, just as the bad fireman is about to pull his gun on Maura, Daddy Doyle emerges from nowhere and guns him down to save his daughter.

Gabby then pops out and tells Doyle to drop his weapon. Jane screams “No!” at him, but I guess her beard isn’t as well trained as we thought. He shoots Doyle. Doyle shoots him. Jane and raises her gun at Doyle. Now it’s Maura’s turn to scream “No!” But then Jane shoots Doyle. Jesus, Frost, you couldn’t have taken the shot? Your gun was raised first and everything. Your reaction speed sucks.

Doyle falls from the catwalk onto the ground floor and Maura runs to him. Jane is close behind, screaming Maura’s name. Doyle says, “Hope” with what I’m presuming is his last breathe. Yeah, that’s totally Maura’s mom’s name. I’d put money on it. Jane goes to put her jacket under Doyle’s head and Maura snaps at her, “Don’t touch him! No, I mean it, don’t you dare touch him!”

And then, then it ends with a look of furious betrayal on Maura’s face and the look of hurt bewilderment on Jane’s face that will be seared into our collective memories until summer finally gets here. Group hug, guys, group hug. But think of it this way, an ending like that just means we are in for some truly, truly epic “sorry-I-shot-your-mob-boss-biological-father” make-up sex when the show returns. Right? Um, right.

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