“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (2.15): You always hurt the ones you love


The team is working both cases – the possible arson and the hit-a-Maura. Jane tells Frost and Korsak that Doyle is back in town, but she didn’t notify authorities. Still, she knows they’ll have to take him down at some point. Frost asks how Maura will feel about that and Jane says, “After all this, I hope relieved.” Hey, did you catch that foreshadowing? Because I could rewind it for you if you like.

Gabby shows up at Jane’s house that night with a six-pack of beer. Jane gives him a look like, “Really?!” He says he came back for one reason. Which was to drink the six-pack with Jane. Jane tells him, “Things may have gotten a little complicated. There may be someone else.” Her name is Dr. Maura Isles. She’s got beautiful shiny hair and a rack that makes the angels weep. She’s also mad smart and actually showers before showing up at my apartment.

And then my TV cuts out. It’s the weirdest thing. Anyone know what happens? Because the next thing I know Jane is waking up and slapping Gabby’s hand off her face with an annoyed look. And then she says, “Oh crap, I’ve got to go check on Maura.” Because that’s what good girlfriends do the first thing when they wake up with a weird shirtless guy in their bed. My theory on how they got that way? Gabby dropped the six pack while walking to Jane’s apartment, so when they opened the bottles they exploded all over their clothes. This being Jane, she had nothing clean to wear because it was laundry day. So they stripped down and got under the covers to stay warm. And then they woke up that way together.

Really, it’s the only possible explanation because when Gabby asks Jane what he can do for her, she says, and I kid you not: “Yeah, you can go away.”

Back at the police cafeteria, Mama Rizzoli is giving Maura some special mom-in-law TLC. She says she won’t leave until she finishes her pancakes, which she made special with quinoa because Dr. Oz said so. Everyone knows there is no great and powerful Oz, right? It was just a little, scared man behind a curtain. I don’t care what Oprah says.

Jane shows up and the Rizzoli women look at their lovely Maura together with worry. Jane then asks for pancakes, but Maura warns her they’re gritty. So she asks for mac-n-cheese instead. Maura tells her it’s a lot of empty calories. Looking after your lady’s health and waistline is equal parts sweet and selfish. Jane tells Maura she told Gabby about Doyle being back in town, but he promised not to do anything until she said he could. Maura thanks her, because it’s always good to know your girlfriend has her beard under her thumb.

The team tracks down the perp’s car, and Maura gets overwhelmed at the scene when she seems her mother’s blood on its bumper. Jane, her hair in a loose Ponytail of Righteous Justice, comforts her. When Maura gets back to the hospital Doyle is there. He shows her pictures of herself he carries with him in his wallet, and said he always wanted to be the kind of man who could be her father, but is just a low-class thug from South Boston instead.

He tells her a little about her birth mom, who had Maura when she was 18 and was brilliant and beautiful. Well, no surprise there; look at her daughter. Then Mother Isles wakes up and says she thought she heard “Patrick” in the room. That, friends, is what we call the plot thickening. My theory, Mother Isles and Maura’s mother are perhaps related. A sister? A close family friend?

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