“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (2.15): You always hurt the ones you love

Later that night Maura leaves her single date with her mom (sheesh, Jane, you could have at least stopped by with your beard for an appetizer) all smiles. Mother Isles is being sweet and all, “I wish we’d done this more. I wish that I’d stopped being busy and just enjoyed you.” And, as seasoned watchers of entertainment media, we know this much parental approval is often followed by a traumatic familial event. So everyone, please take a moment to deeply, deeply appreciate the pretty that is Sasha Alexander and Jaqueline Bisset walking arm-in-arm while smiling at each other. Gorgeous, no?

And then, ahhhhh! A car out of nowhere is revving at them. Mother Isles pushes Maura out of the way and gets hit, rolling onto the windshield and then back onto the street. Um, I told you to appreciate the pretty while you could.

Back at Jane’s she is prepping for her hot “date” with Dean. And by “prepping,” I mean she looks peeved and uncomfortable as anyone who is about to go out with her beard while her girlfriend is elsewhere would look. But she does look nice in her red dress. Dean agrees, even though he still looks like a total schlub and apparently still hasn’t showered. He’s also carrying a take-out bag.

Jane looks rightfully disappointed, and is all, “Yo, Gabby, the whole point of being a beard is to go out together in public. So people can see us together in public. So we’re together in public. PUBLIC. If I wanted to stay in and have dinner I would have just called Maura.” Gabby says he wants her all to himself, to which Jane says he can take her out because she won’t run away with the busboy. Nope, but she will run away with the Chief Medical Examiner for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

And then the invisible proximity sensor that goes off in Maura’s head whenever Jane is too close to a male of the species goes off and she calls Jane to interrupt the moment. Also, there was the thing about her mother. Jane runs to the hospital immediately. I mean it, she practically leaps off the elevator. They embrace, several times.

Sure, they’re not the kind of oh-la-la embraces they’ve had in the past with the jumping and humping. But they are real, tender embrace where you hold the person you love so hard because if you don’t you’re afraid they might fall to pieces.

Frost is already working the hit-and-run reenactment, and Maura tells Jane to “go and do what you do better than anyone I know – find the bastard who did this.” So she does, and Frankie is there too. When someone hurts one Rizzoli’s lady, all the Rizzolis will make you pay. But not before Frankie tells Jane to stop wearing “dumb shoes” to crime scenes that make her feet hurt. Yep, even Frankie knows Jane is a sensible shoes type of gal.

The hit-and-run accident wasn’t an accident at all, he was gunning for Maura. And just then Maura’s biological dad, Paddy Doyle, shows up in the hospital and jumps her. That man needs to seriously work on his warm, nurturing parenting skills. He says he came to check on Maura and Mother Isles because she is a good woman.

Maura is equally unimpressed with his parenting skills and says she’d rather not be reminded that he fathered her. She says she’ll give him to the count of three to leave before she screams. In desperation, he says he’ll tell her who her mother is and Maura replies that she doesn’t like to be toyed with. Fierce Maura is fierce.

Jane arrives and they talk about Daddy Doyle and whether Maura wants to know who her biological mother really is. Jane says they’ll catch him and Maura says she’s not sure she wants them to. Jane says she doesn’t know if everything will be OK, but that she is here for her. Then they have some hushed and concerned eye sex, which given the grave nature of the situation is really just another form of comfort. So stop having such filthy minds, you horndogs.

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