“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (2.14): You make me feel like dancing

Back in the information center, Maura is helping Frost search for the identity of the victim. They’ve recreated her face sans scalpel and are now checking it against databases of domestic abuse victims who testified in major crimes. Maura shows off her tech skills and Jane praises her with a “Well listen to you, Colombo.” And then they get in a little quickie eye sex while Frost isn’t looking. Those two have gotten so good they don’t even need to unzip.

Maura’s search pays off and they find out the victim was married to a Mexican drug trafficker and forced to testify against him. They talk to Witness Protection and it turns out the drug trafficker turned government witness and isn’t in prison after all. See, this is why they should have called Marshal Mary Shannon first.

Back to Korsak’s sob story, his stepson finally talks to him, says he didn’t shoot the cop and was actually trying to give him CPR. Korsak goes to Maura to find evidence of his story. She finds fractures on the officer’s ribs, indicating CPR was administered and records show the EMT did not perform it. Also, she says the phrase, “force exerted to the chest” while making his hand gesture and I giggle. I wonder how much force Jane exerts to the chest on a regular basis. Hey, it’s a valid question.

Jane and Frost figure out the victim and her sister, who is also in Witness Protection, were still in contact via some sneaky email scheme. They go to the sister’s place and find her tortured and very dead. The U.S. Marshals show up shortly after and confess that Bad Dad was given early release and now they can’t find him. Jane says he is probably going to kidnap Dakota and hightail it back to Mexico. So they storm into the dance competition looking for her, but she’s already gone.

They run after them, guns drawn. The Bad Dad is pretty cartoon evil all, “I just want what’s mine.” And then the Good Dad runs out and gets shot by Bad Dad. Boy, poor Dakota is having a really bad week.

Jane & Co. smoke Bad Dad. Really, how many on-duty shootings is this for Jane now? Evildoers beware, Det. Rizzoli is not messing around.

Then she runs up to Good Dad to see if he is OK, checks his abdomen wound and is all, “Oh, don’t worry, dude, I did one of those to myself. Shake it off.”

A case well solved, Jane is treating herself at the Dirty Robber to a nice juicy burger. And she’s even making yummy noises while taking a bite. And this face, which is usually reserved for Maura when she does something particularly, um, pleasurable.

Maura walks in in a red dress, displaying her own irresistible red meat to Jane. She tells Jane to limit her red meat consumption. Indeed, because the red meat Maura is offering is so much healthier, and delicious. Jane says she’s going to eat “whatever I want, whenever I want.” Yeah you are, dirty girl. Because it’s true: Life is too short. And your girlfriend is too delicious.

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