“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (2.14): You make me feel like dancing


Jane and Frost interview the dance moms. The first thinks Dakota dropped her daughter on purpose during a routine. The other thinks she stole one of her jazz shoes. They’re both dressed with a little too much skin showing for a serious trip to the police station. And the second brings her own evidence because, as much as she’d like it, she knows Jane didn’t invite her down to the office for coffee. Jane’s face is all, “Not even if you were the last pair of silicone boobs on the planet, lady.”

Korsak is getting shunned by his fellow police. And getting shunned by his stepson. I feel bad for him and all, but mostly I’m just thinking about how his screentime means less screentime for Maura and Jane. Which then makes me feel bad for myself.

Finally, Jane goes to see Maura again. Maura has uncovered evidence of much more extensive plastic surgery. She hands Jane an X-ray of the victim’s wrist, to which Jane muses, “She got a boob job on her wrist?” Oh, Jane, always with the boobs. But no, the X-ray is to show that the victim had several spiral fractures on her wrists from a decade ago, evidence of possible domestic abuse. Maura again hedges saying they could be skiing injuries, which are common in the ankles because of the inflexibility of the boots. Jane – who really thought she’d made progress with the yes/no lesson from earlier – says she doesn’t think the victim was doing handstands in skiing boots, and Maura has to agree. Also, Maura, Jane’s eyes are higher.

So, extensive plastic surgery, evidence of past abuse, not willing to let her daughter perform nationally. We can all see where this is going. Hey, someone call U.S. Marshal Mary Shannon from In Plain Sight. Our victim was in the Witness Protection Program.

They head back down to Maura, who is complimenting herself about achieving the “perfect baseball stitch.” See, isn’t it sweet how these gals’ are starting to appreciate each other’s interests. Jane with the dancing and Maura with the baseball. They ask Maura to help them recreate what the victim looked life before the surgery and she is more than happy to oblige, grabbing a scalpel and going right to her face.

Jane asks, “What are you doing?” in semi-horror and Maura responds, matter-of-factly, “Peeling off her face.” She says it is more hands on. Of course she likes things “hands on.” Oh, Dr. Maura Isles. You are just the cutest/grossest/dirties/cutest some more.

Korsak’s subplot interrupts the gross/cute/dirty. His stepson’s delinquent friend is brought in, says Josh did it all on his own. Then Korsak goes to confront Josh. The dumb little punk still won’t talk. Korsak blows up and so do I because the sooner he talks the sooner his subplot is over.

In the cafeteria, Mama R is killing her competition with kindness. She found the sweetener Melody uses special for her, and tells her how she too has a wayward son. She says it’s because he ran over a priest, but we all know it’s really because he hit on his sister’s girlfriend. Korsak walks in and she says how sorry she is for taking Josh away from him. Someone give me that iced tea Mama R brought for Melody. This conversation is making me sleepy and I need the caffeine pick-me-up.

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