“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (2.13): Having a good-looking LLBFF is the best revenge


Maura then talks about Jane and Lt. Col. Beard Force’s “inability to consummate” and how running might help release the tension and hormones that have been built up as a result. Then, what do you know, she suggests Jane and she both race toward the ball. Because when you can’t consummate, ladies, as we all know the best thing to do is run it out.

So, then, how gay was this episode, friends? Well, between all the TGTGT, eye sex, former beloved The L Word actresses and sprinting as a substitute for sex, I’d say it was gay enough to get our hashtag #gayzzoli to trend on Twitter. And you know what? I’d be right. #Gayzzoli did trend during the East Coast airing Monday night. Give yourself a hand, lesbians, you’ve earned it.

So, now on to your other #gayzzoli accomplishments, namely some of the night’s best tweets.

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